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Some where out there a women is warming up with your max comes to question here. Very impressive
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Dukenhiemer private msg quote post Address this user
Awesome! In for your your results! Good luck!
And low bar squat has done wonders for me, it takes a little time to get used to it but I have seen huge improvement on my squat the last few months I have used it!
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misskelseysmith private msg quote post Address this user

heres a old progress photo.. i've from 147lbs to 130 lbs

and heres another one!

also for my workout today i just went to another small gym since the YMCA here is closed and YMCA Wellnes Center is opening on monday, but yeah for my workout today i just did..
15 mins on stairmaster, levels 6-9
30 mins on the treadmill doing intervals run on speed 5.5-6.5 and sprint for between 1-2 minutes and then back to speed 5.5-6.5 for 2-3 minutes.. also in between i always like to walk on incline 15 on 3.5-4!
then did another 20 mintues on the stair master 10 mins level 7-8 and then went down to level 4-6 for 10mins
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Swayz87 private msg quote post Address this user
DAMN!!!! The1 You besss WIFE THAT UP!!!!! \

Number one GREAT fuggin Transformation!!! You can tell you have put in work!!!!

Great squats too!!! Not bad! I would advise to go lower as well but shoot you already know that! ; )

Look forward to your comp!!!!!
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LiftnPandaGang private msg quote post Address this user
very impressive, gains upon gains
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misskelseysmith private msg quote post Address this user
so heres my back workout i did tonight..

2X12-15 100lbs
2X8-10 110lbs
2X6 120lbs

1x12-15 100lbs
2x10 110lbs
2x4-6 120lbs

1X12-15 40lbs
3x6-8 50lbs

1X12-15 100lbs
2x8-10 110lbs
2x4 120lbs

3X10 70lbs

STAIRMASTER - 15mins on level 6-8

planning still to grow for the next couple weeks and then start my cut!
sorry for not updating as much.. our gym is was closed all week and the
new one as suppose to open tomorrow but is post-phoned till this Friday..
and only been to another gym a couple times this week so i'm having lots of
rest and today was the first day i went in 3 days and those lat pulldowns and
rows were the heaviest i've lifted yet so those 3 days sure helped!!

** when you think you need a break, but keep trying to convince yourself you dont,
take one... because you're most likely right and need it!!.. I find when i do this
and take a 2-3 days off and then get back on track and hit the gym i have more strenght
from all my rest and have a killer workout
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crackle private msg quote post Address this user
Inspirational !
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