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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 178 7 monthsSamanthaOlivier (10): I remember when the all we have about the internet was a Dial-up and shity websites. Now, we have a community of people that are willing to help - that is inspirational as hell! Just by reading this thread you can collect a lot of information and start with your fitness goals. Everyone can easily find a workout, meal plan, great gym wear online and always needed motivation. Good work - I love you guys! XD
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 2 yearsRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Lets Try This Again adale 7 3 hoursadale (67): Monday 10.15.18 1. Incline Bench Press - 95x7, 7 sets 2. Deadlift - 210x5, 5 sets 3. Leg Extension - 85x15, 4 sets 4. Lat Pulldown - 85x10, 4 sets (Wide grip, 1 sec pause at bottom) 5. Face Pull - 30x15, 30x15, 30x15, 30x21 (alternate overhand/underhand) 6. Lying Leg Curl - 68x10, 3 sets At first my chest was a little sore and my medial delts but once I got into the 2nd set everything was fine. Probably going to feel it in the...
Calves!!??!! Thedude1967 5 4 daysThedude1967 (43): Thanks guys, all good tips I’ll try them!
DEADLIFT! Thedude1967 7 5 daysThedude1967 (43): @NorIda , @jostrosky I welcome all critiques, this is how I learn. Both of you have valid points and I will work on them. Give me a month or so to work on it and I’ll post a cleaner pull!!
Orange juice for dehydrating aching body nancycarter 4 7 daysjippo88 (10): This website is pure fucking AIDS these days.
Benefits Of Massage Therapy JoseGautreaux 1 8 daysJoseGautreaux (1): Hey, if you are someone dedicated to living a fitness lifestyle like me, massage therapy is for you. Massage can help make working out better. It can boost your workouts so you'll get the results you want. Here are five ways massage can help improve your fitness routine. Here is how massage can help improve your fitness routine: 1. It soothes the pain of sore muscles 2. It enhances your post-workout recovery 3. It makes your muscles work...
Stomach Exercise Way2Buy 3 8 dayskeylemike (13): hey buddy, I am not sure what you are looking for? Are you trying to get supplements for stomach exercise? If yes, there have some good sources around the web. Just search on google for a while. You'll get a bit list of fitness website. Besides, you can also try for fitnessgeko. All the best!
Can I Drink Tea? evegrant 9 11 daysJoseGautreaux (1): Hi evegrant, I'm a tea addict :) Though I would sugggest green tea.
Fat Loss Help Needed! kbahramicc 14 12 daysFiremanSi (42358): @allu bollox... cause if I smoke a joint id want to eat everything in the room. Adherence is gone... hellooo malteasers and jelly’s.
New lifting log. Time to start logging again lolssons 54 14 dayslolssons (1246): Had a rather good workout even tho I'm pretty worn out. Deadlifts 200kg +bands x1 PR 210kg +bands x1 PR SSB Box squats Leg curls
Deload frame 10 17 daysFiremanSi (42358): @LiftingLawyer ah now I see ur angle... and I agree.
Tired of people saying I’m juicing LiftingLawyer 6 17 daysFiremanSi (42358): Something to hide ?? Haha.
Where should I go from here? adaw1 10 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): Just having a laugh My advice: 1. Ripped and big is not easy naturally 2. Condition is all diet 3. High condition cannot be permanently maintained 4. T-Nation 666 sprint routine is the best thing you can do in the gym to lean out 5. Add loads of volume to your weight training 6. Good luck!
work out regime suggestion needed joedarnell 4 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): I see they are doing a 2 for 1 in Denny’s on servings of better get down there and stock up!!
Need help, lifts keep stalling on cut, over and over?! forgottenpass 11 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): Put your top back on then and get out of the ladies dressing room
strongest Hambo 4 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): The downward phase...its called gravity
Arms ripped off Hambo 9 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): So this is where the mind goes after 6 years in solitary...always wondered about that
New toy wannabemuscular 8 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): Is it some type of paper clip? Definitely stationery
can clenbuterol kill you? healthclinicusa 5 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): Washing the dishes, ironing, nagging women, children... now that’s the shit that will put you in an early idea about Clenbuterol
Abs not sore Humblelifts 6 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): Want sore..? Easy: Ab wheel, 5 sets of 20...nothing else, job done Planks are for Planks
Horned up 24/7 from eating helthy and working out Natural4Life 2 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): I eat red meat, drink red wine, squat and overhead press 225 for ten reps and haven’t left the house in 20 years without 2 pairs of trousers yes I know what you mean
Great Powerlifting Programs lolssons 5 17 daysLiftingLawyer (4): Sheiko, get the app and stop asking questions and when you have done 6 months of it you wil: 1. Be much stronger 2. Know what it takes to be much stronger 3. Have sharpened your teeth through adversity Other than that I can only suggest getting a job at the gym if you are fixated on going there 5 days a week
Hey! Dirkenhiemer 4 23 dayseknight (58102): Much appreciated gentlemen. -3X
Which OG Members are still here ezvmoneybeast 17 30 daysNatural4Life (1): I joined about a month ago. It's dead here.
Skinny Fat angelo 4 1 monthsophia990 (1): I use exercise band, they are good for getting the small waist and removing extra belly fat.
2018 Lets Get it! adale 28 1 monthadale (67): Greg DUP Day 2 #2 Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 2:40 PM Squat Set 1: 185 lb × 6 Set 2: 185 lb × 6 Set 3: 185 lb × 9 Bench Press Set 1: 150 lb × 6 Set 2: 150 lb × 6 Set 3: 150 lb × 7 Seated Row Set 1: 70 lb × 12 Set 2: 70 lb × 12 Set 3: 85 lb × 12 Notes: V grip Bicep Curl (Dumbbell) Set 1: 27.5 lb × 10 Set 2: 27.5 lb × 10 Set 3: 27.5 lb × 7 Set 4: 27.5 lb × 6 Tricep Pushdown Set 1: 30 lb × 10 Set 2: 30 lb × 10 Set 3: 30 lb ×...
Lower back pain Mustbenice 3 2 monthsMustbenice (10): @Fishbulb never thought of that, thanks!
Lateral Pelvic Tilt wannabemuscular 5 2 monthswannabemuscular (33213): I visit the chiropractor from time to time for routine adjustments and tried it for this, but after about 8 visits I decided it wasn't going to "fix" this issue. At least they put my mind at ease with x-rays to prove I had no structural issues in the lower back.
1000lb club chardo 3 2 monthsThedude1967 (43): Lol, now that’s a story worth sharing! By change have any coke left , lol
(VIDEO)Told off for dropping weight after a bench press MrBenchpressa 57 2 monthsDorich (454):
New here Natural4Life 6 2 monthsforgottenpass (382):
New PR on bench 280lbs Pikadrew 7 2 monthseknight (58102): I would say you have much more control at the bottom and less bounce. -3X
Is this a good bulk OneMind 20 2 monthsOneMind (13): @eknight that’s a great article that you have posted and have so much information on the questions that I have been having. I will adjust accordingly with all the information you have provided in that forum. I have watched countless videos on proper form, read tons of articles on routines, but everything that I have read (including your forum) pretty much tells you to adjust your routine to what you want for your goals. That is great advice on...
Fds Pikadrew 1 2 monthsPikadrew (19): https://
Is this good form Pikadrew 1 2 monthsPikadrew (19): Just wondering what you guy think this is my current max video
(VIDEO) lifter assaulted at gym for deadlifting MrBenchpressa 2 2 monthsThedude1967 (43): This kid did the right thing by just walking away. Second that guy put his foot on my bar I would’ve broken his fucking face...
At 275lb bench right now Pikadrew 30 2 monthsMrBenchpressa (1): you have told people who have less impressive benches than me that they are impressive, also on my original first thread you actually said "your numbers are not that bad why so much hate" Thats a quote from you, on the first page. Seems like you changed after all the arguing, now you say im weak because your mad.
Why is vegan gains so weak for his size? JakeSimmonds 53 2 monthsMrBenchpressa (1): we will when eknight admits hes wrong
TheDude’s workouts... Thedude1967 9 2 monthsNorIda (46951): Ps. The forum is dead af
rest-pause Hambo 6 3 monthsDorich (454): Are you aware that there are people in this world that have a severe medical condition which causes them to be that way? My mother for instance is one of those people. She is a truck driver that has bad knees and a bad back from driving the truck but you probably do not care about that case either. Oh well I am not one of those people I am 6'4" 245lbs and I exercise every day. I would love to see you say something like to my mother in front...
What’s my body fat %? Slushy2 24 3 monthsDorich (454): About 3.50
Risk for vertabrae injury Hambo 5 3 monthsDorich (454): No. See proof:
You're all useless pricks and assholes JakeSimmonds 13 3 monthsDorich (454): "In American English, judgement is generally considered a misspelling of judgment for all uses of the word, notwithstanding individual preferences. In British popular usage, judgment was traditionally the preferred form, but judgement has gained ground over the last couple of centuries and is now nearly as common as judgment." Source:
What are the most effective rotator cuff exercises with dumbbells only? Dorich 6 3 monthsFiremanSi (42358): I prefer bands tbh so if u don’t have buy a mini band. It’s priceless for scap mobility and rehab... When u get one I can help u further. Otherwise I really like YTW’s lying face down in a slight incline bench. Also Blackburn’s are great for putting the shoulder through a full range !!
PPL hitting upper body 2x per week frame 52 3 monthsframe (73): Still got time, not in a hurry, I anyway almost peaked on my natural gain limit, progress so slow anyways, gona check out these 2 more splits and decide which one to follow long term, either this thread ppl, above upper lower, or this minimalistic routine with heavy compound movements on main days and bodyweight exercises on some rest days just as additional volume in case needed. Latter i think for some reason will work out best..
Elbow faring halfway up the bench press papabear27 2 3 monthsYeags (1126): Flaring elbows will hurt shoulders
Diet Way2Buy 3 3 monthsTrools (1): It depends on the workout routine .
Fitness startup side hustle athelitehq 1 3 monthsathelitehq (1): Fellow Fitness Junkies, I have no idea if this is the right forum to place this thread or not, but what the heck. Some friends and I have recently launched a company and we need some feedback to help shape the direction we're going. The goal is to deliver sport specific professional strength and conditioning programs online to athletes who may not be able to afford 1:1 coaching with a personal trainer. If you'd be willing to give feedback on...
Please recommend some gym wear brands thanks ahmedbashir 3 4 monthsahmedbashir (1): Is Gucci into sportswear too?