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Routine Design for Dummies 1.0 eknight 178 6 monthsSamanthaOlivier (10): I remember when the all we have about the internet was a Dial-up and shity websites. Now, we have a community of people that are willing to help - that is inspirational as hell! Just by reading this thread you can collect a lot of information and start with your fitness goals. Everyone can easily find a workout, meal plan, great gym wear online and always needed motivation. Good work - I love you guys! XD
Simply Shredded FAQ - Read before posting! Frostshock 38 2 yearsRyanEdward (10): Awesome post
Where should I go from here? adaw1 3 26 minutesFiremanSi (42349): @adaw1 what are you current cals?? Macros split ?? Is it just 3xweek workouts ?? 162lbs is still quite light but I understand your goals !!
New lifting log. Time to start logging again lolssons 46 19 hourslolssons (1246): Tuesday (was short on time) Deadlifts 210kg x4 210kg x3 REP PR and volume PR at that weight. Will do the rest of the lowerbody work tomorrow
Horned up 24/7 from eating helthy and working out Natural4Life 1 3 daysNatural4Life (1): How many other people on here (adults only) have this same outcome from eating healthy and working out?
Which OG Members are still here ezvmoneybeast 17 3 daysNatural4Life (1): I joined about a month ago. It's dead here.
Skinny Fat angelo 4 5 dayssophia990 (1): I use exercise band, they are good for getting the small waist and removing extra belly fat.
can clenbuterol kill you? healthclinicusa 4 6 dayshealthclinicusa (1): Got a small review about clenbuterol:
Arms ripped off Hambo 8 8 daysCannonball (6283): Also depends on how strong you are, 400 kg could probably rip the arms off some poor old 80 lbs lady if she could manage to hold on to it or have it strapped to her hands or whatever. Then there's people who lift 400 kg no problem.
2018 Lets Get it! adale 28 18 daysadale (67): Greg DUP Day 2 #2 Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 2:40 PM Squat Set 1: 185 lb × 6 Set 2: 185 lb × 6 Set 3: 185 lb × 9 Bench Press Set 1: 150 lb × 6 Set 2: 150 lb × 6 Set 3: 150 lb × 7 Seated Row Set 1: 70 lb × 12 Set 2: 70 lb × 12 Set 3: 85 lb × 12 Notes: V grip Bicep Curl (Dumbbell) Set 1: 27.5 lb × 10 Set 2: 27.5 lb × 10 Set 3: 27.5 lb × 7 Set 4: 27.5 lb × 6 Tricep Pushdown Set 1: 30 lb × 10 Set 2: 30 lb × 10 Set 3: 30 lb ×...
Lower back pain Mustbenice 3 26 daysMustbenice (10): @Fishbulb never thought of that, thanks!
Lateral Pelvic Tilt wannabemuscular 5 26 dayswannabemuscular (33213): I visit the chiropractor from time to time for routine adjustments and tried it for this, but after about 8 visits I decided it wasn't going to "fix" this issue. At least they put my mind at ease with x-rays to prove I had no structural issues in the lower back.
New toy wannabemuscular 7 28 daysThedude1967 (22): Yeah you got a new toy alright, you sick fucker, lol...
1000lb club chardo 3 28 daysThedude1967 (22): Lol, now that’s a story worth sharing! By change have any coke left , lol
(VIDEO)Told off for dropping weight after a bench press MrBenchpressa 57 1 monthDorich (454):
Great Powerlifting Programs lolssons 4 1 montheknight (58075): You could do a total body strength day. Farmer's carry, tire flips, etc., or use it to hit weak points (extra grip work, calf work, srpints, etc.) -3X
New here Natural4Life 6 1 monthforgottenpass (382):
New PR on bench 280lbs Pikadrew 7 1 montheknight (58075): I would say you have much more control at the bottom and less bounce. -3X
Is this a good bulk OneMind 20 1 monthOneMind (13): @eknight that’s a great article that you have posted and have so much information on the questions that I have been having. I will adjust accordingly with all the information you have provided in that forum. I have watched countless videos on proper form, read tons of articles on routines, but everything that I have read (including your forum) pretty much tells you to adjust your routine to what you want for your goals. That is great advice on...
Fds Pikadrew 1 1 monthPikadrew (19): https://
Is this good form Pikadrew 1 1 monthPikadrew (19): Just wondering what you guy think this is my current max video
(VIDEO) lifter assaulted at gym for deadlifting MrBenchpressa 2 1 monthThedude1967 (22): This kid did the right thing by just walking away. Second that guy put his foot on my bar I would’ve broken his fucking face...
At 275lb bench right now Pikadrew 30 1 monthMrBenchpressa (1): you have told people who have less impressive benches than me that they are impressive, also on my original first thread you actually said "your numbers are not that bad why so much hate" Thats a quote from you, on the first page. Seems like you changed after all the arguing, now you say im weak because your mad.
Why is vegan gains so weak for his size? JakeSimmonds 53 1 monthMrBenchpressa (1): we will when eknight admits hes wrong
TheDude’s workouts... Thedude1967 9 2 monthsNorIda (46942): Ps. The forum is dead af
strongest Hambo 3 2 monthsDorich (454): Like I said...You have the lower body and you have no upper body, you got a problem building...wait a minute. You have the upper body, and you have no legs, you got a problem building your legs. You have the have the lower body and you don't have the upper body, the upper body, it is easier to build. So if you have the lower body and you don't have the upper body, it is easier to build the upper body. You have the upper body and you...
rest-pause Hambo 6 2 monthsDorich (454): Are you aware that there are people in this world that have a severe medical condition which causes them to be that way? My mother for instance is one of those people. She is a truck driver that has bad knees and a bad back from driving the truck but you probably do not care about that case either. Oh well I am not one of those people I am 6'4" 245lbs and I exercise every day. I would love to see you say something like to my mother in front...
What’s my body fat %? Slushy2 24 2 monthsDorich (454): About 3.50
Risk for vertabrae injury Hambo 5 2 monthsDorich (454): No. See proof:
You're all useless pricks and assholes JakeSimmonds 13 2 monthsDorich (454): "In American English, judgement is generally considered a misspelling of judgment for all uses of the word, notwithstanding individual preferences. In British popular usage, judgment was traditionally the preferred form, but judgement has gained ground over the last couple of centuries and is now nearly as common as judgment." Source:
What are the most effective rotator cuff exercises with dumbbells only? Dorich 6 2 monthsFiremanSi (42349): I prefer bands tbh so if u don’t have buy a mini band. It’s priceless for scap mobility and rehab... When u get one I can help u further. Otherwise I really like YTW’s lying face down in a slight incline bench. Also Blackburn’s are great for putting the shoulder through a full range !!
Need help, lifts keep stalling on cut, over and over?! forgottenpass 9 2 monthsframe (73): Calling Jesus from this forum
PPL hitting upper body 2x per week frame 52 2 monthsframe (73): Still got time, not in a hurry, I anyway almost peaked on my natural gain limit, progress so slow anyways, gona check out these 2 more splits and decide which one to follow long term, either this thread ppl, above upper lower, or this minimalistic routine with heavy compound movements on main days and bodyweight exercises on some rest days just as additional volume in case needed. Latter i think for some reason will work out best..
Elbow faring halfway up the bench press papabear27 2 2 monthsYeags (1114): Flaring elbows will hurt shoulders
Diet Way2Buy 3 2 monthsTrools (1): It depends on the workout routine .
Deload frame 6 2 monthsFiremanSi (42349): @eknight hahaha. @NorIda I knew u cared !!
Fitness startup side hustle athelitehq 1 2 monthsathelitehq (1): Fellow Fitness Junkies, I have no idea if this is the right forum to place this thread or not, but what the heck. Some friends and I have recently launched a company and we need some feedback to help shape the direction we're going. The goal is to deliver sport specific professional strength and conditioning programs online to athletes who may not be able to afford 1:1 coaching with a personal trainer. If you'd be willing to give feedback on...
Stomach Exercise Way2Buy 2 3 monthseknight (58075): Not sure what you're asking. Can you be more specific? -3X
Fat Loss Help Needed! kbahramicc 12 3 monthsahmedbashir (1): Human body is very complex. and every body has different body types, BMR and BMI, which requires different body types. I would suggest you should concentrate on calorie deficit. What Is a Calorie Deficit? Each bite of food you eat contains energy in the form of calories. You need to consume calories for your body to function properly. But most of us consume more calories than we need each day. This creates a calorie surplus or calorie...
Please recommend some gym wear brands thanks ahmedbashir 3 3 monthsahmedbashir (1): Is Gucci into sportswear too?
Progression models frame 4 3 monthsframe (73): aha, I see the point, intermediate progression is purely for strength progress then, or if chosen for hypertrophy goals then other exercises for same muscle have to go up in volume which also complicates a program quite a bit, but still may be useful if strength gains plateaued for longer period of time..
Breathing Hambo 4 3 monthsWay2Buy (1): :O LOL...
Almost fainting during a lift today?! forgottenpass 9 3 monthsYeags (1114): Low blood sugar drink orange juice
LIFE UPDATE Cannonball 10 3 monthsWay2Buy (1): Wow! Your story sounds like inspirational. Congrats your recent success and also good luck with your second gym. :D
Shoulder problems wannabemuscular 4 3 monthswannabemuscular (33213): @eknight I admittedly have been neglecting my band pullaparts, but I've been doing ER work religiously. I will have to be more consistent with the pullaparts. I'm also struggling with spasms in my left Glute Med. It gets so bad that if I stand or walk long enough it will radiate down my quad to the knee causing a numb/wet feeling. If I sit and do some stretching I get instant relief. With that, I've been doing all kinds of hip abductions...
Workouts and Sports acoble02 5 4 monthsacoble02 (10): Any other opinions? I know I need to raise my calories up. But since I’m so active outside of the gym, should I do less days in the gym to give me more recovery time? Like a 3/4 day workout? What do u guys think?
Two questions about my squat JakeSimmonds 6 4 monthsJakeSimmonds (151): COME POST MORE COMMENTS YOU HOMOS!
Cutting Macros mrjoshua88 3 4 monthsmrjoshua88 (25): Yeah. I thought fats might be a tad low. I’ve never tried cutting on higher carbs, so I’m interested to see how my energy levels and body composition work out. Cheers.
Ab Stimulators on a Budget ajdigital1 1 4 monthsajdigital1 (1): There are two Abs simulators are on sale, both are 50% off. Enjoy toned muscles with this deal. Available on Amazon use the Keywords to find! 😀50% off with discount code " M4IYMC3F " it is $45.95, you will only pay 22.96 after use the discount code. Basherry Ab Toner Abs stimulator Abdominal Toning Belts Muscle Training Gear,Portable Unisex Fitness Training Gear,Wireless Muscle Exercise Equipment Shaping Instrument 😀50%...