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So now I am one year into training and have followed the following split for most of the year - Chest/Tri/Calves, Back/Bi/Abs, Rest, Shoulder/Traps/Calves, Legs/Abs, Rest and Repeat.

I have noticed now that Chest and Arms are significantly smaller than I would like them to be. I want to begin doing more Chest days and incorporating Arm days, and spend less time on legs and shoulders. My question is how often should I train legs and shoulders to avoid them losing muscle mass? I am quiet proud of the progress I have made with them and would hate to see them get smaller. I was thinking once every ten days or so rather than once every six days. Is this a good idea? Or does anyone have a recommended split for me to use to enhance my chest and arms?
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Hamb0 private msg quote post Address this user
Training your legs less than once per week is not something alot of people would recommend you. So far, you've used what is commonly referred to as a "bro split", and while it does produce results, there are plenty of arguments as to why a different split with higher training frequency per muscle group could be more efficient.

Initially, the info you provide isn't much to go by. We just know that you have been training, what sounds like you think is your lacking areas, once per week. How you've trained them, could be useful to know.

I would recommend you to check out as a help to structure a good routine - one that might very likely be better than the one you've been running so far.
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Tonyc18 private msg quote post Address this user
Well you could doing some things wrong if you're not seeing size in your chest and arms or you might want to switch up the types of equipment and exercises you're doing. Are you following proper form and putting the muscle under enough stress? Are you using Dumbbells or barbells or just straight cables. Do you have extended rest periods before each set? I mean it could be a number of things and not just your workout volume.
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Jsn3004 private msg quote post Address this user
Definitely check out the Routine Design for Dummies like @Hamb0 said. You'll learn alot. As for training your legs less than once a week. That's fucking stupid. Read that a few times. Focus on compound movements. They will indirectly hit your biceps/triceps. If your bench press, military press, floor press, whatever you do is increasing, your triceps will grow to. Same thing applies to performing rows and your biceps growing too. Still do accessory work like curls, pushdowns, etc. But realize that compound movements are more important. Imo.
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