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Okay I started out @3300 calories (50%c, 30% p, and 20% fat) and have dropped it over the course of weeks and I am currently at 2750 with the same percentages for macros and I am doing cardio 7 days a week for 30 mins (progressed up to this) and I am still at my weight of 250 to be exact I am at 254 so i gained 4 lbs. I mean am i doing too much? I mean do i need to go any lower for my size? I also lift P/P/L off split.


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15.9% bf (tanita scale)
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A couple of questions
Do you use a scale to weigh your food ?
How long have you been cutting calories ?
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I don't eat anything without weighing and nothing from packages, very strict. About 6 weeks now and gradually added cardio in and now up to 7 days @30 mins either running or elliptical. And I started at 3300 and just been dropping ~100 calories a week for adjustment but scale went up. Getting stronger though but muscle is not built that fast and I really don't know if it just a lot of water or what
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