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Girl Trying to get stronger!!! 💪17313

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Hey guys! I just got seriously into lifting 2 months ago. Lifted before that as a supplement to cross country running, but only recently stopped hard core running and seeing lifting results.

My results thus far for the big lifts (from mid August to now)

Bench: 65 Ilb X 3 reps to 95 pounds X 3 reps
DB Row: 25 Ilb X 3 reps to 45 pounds X 3 reps
Deadlifts: 95 Ilb X 5 reps to 155 pounds X 5 reps
Squat: couldn't even do them to 125 X 3 reps
Military Press: 45x 3 reps to 60 x5 reps

Current lifts are nothing to brag about, but it's progress nonetheless, and I'm proud 😁

Anyway, I'm looking to get stronger. I'm starting to stall out on all these lifts each time I do them. I used to just increase the weight each time I got 5 reps on a certain weight, and aim for the 3-5 rep range. Now, for example, on the bench, I'm barely getting 1 rep and I'm worrying I'm getting weaker😧 I Would love to hear what you guys do and hear any input from y'all! Thanks!!

Also, if it helps, I'm 5,4' and 120 Ilb
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Rand private msg quote post Address this user
Get on a periodiZed program. There are many for beginners, find one that looks fun to you and stick with it for a long time.

Good luck the strength game is a blast!
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AmandaMcClellan private msg quote post Address this user
Im a 5'2 19 year 148lb girl who is a powerlifter and olympic lifter. I started off running and did pilates. After a while the weight I lost piled back on. Lifting weights is the best thing that happend to me. Heres some advice from someone who has been lifting for 6 months. I when ai started I couldnt DL. Maybe 95lbs thats it. Now I can pull 300. Squats at 200 and I could hardly do 135. Bench 125. When I do my main lifts bench, squat and DL, I start off with smaller weight at high reps for 1 set. When I work up to my max I do a single rep. After my main lift for the day I work on my accessory work. Ex leg extension, leg curl, skull crushers side late raises for 4x8-10. The accessories are key to lifting heavy. Doing them builds up your other muscles you cant build up with just squat, bench and deadlift. Another factor is diet. COUNT YOUR MACROs and eat lots of carbs and protein! A lot more carbs when its leg and upper body day. Its amazing cause when you lift and count macros you can eat anything you want and still look and feel sexy. Dont worry about your lifts not going well a certain day, every great lifter has a bad day.
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Bucky private msg quote post Address this user
@AmandaMcClellan need pics for proof
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AmandaMcClellan private msg quote post Address this user
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@Bucky she showed you. Lol
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