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Deadlift program suggestion please16780

qtdreams92 private msg quote post Address this user
ok guys I am after a program to help me get better at my deadlift that i can fit into my PPL program (to do on my deadlift day only). I'm don't think there is a diff between how guys and girls should be deadlifting but I am training normal/conven deadlift. I am not interested in deadlift sumo.

Basically I am stuck at my bodyweight 1r.m. My trainers and coaches are helping me a lot with form (shoulder more 'inline', squeeze hamstrings to get off the floor, and squeeze quads at the top etc) and essentially to get over the uncomfortable feeling in the lower back that makes me want to drop it lol.

A couple of guys suggested the ed coen routine. I looked it up and feel it can work only because I already do a lot of the accessories in my PULL day. But I want second opinions esp if you have success with this, about what program or method you use to increase your deadlift by heaps!
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The Dark
eknight private msg quote post Address this user
Your current PPL routine is fine for increasing your deads, you just need to change your approach to it. Stop focusing on training muscles and begin focusing on training movements. I'd run your deads on a 5/3/1 approach and change your accessory work to include deficit deads, rack pulls, GHRs, and good mornings. If you are truly serious about increasing a movement though, you have to train the CNS to be better at that movement, which means doing lots of it and exercises with the greatest carryover to it. -3X
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_RudeCrew private msg quote post Address this user
I agree with @eknight, for someone like you who doesn't know how to properly program for strength, 5/3/1 would be a great start. Watch videos of your deadlift and see what the weakest part of it is, then hammer those muscles for your accessory work.
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Rand private msg quote post Address this user
I also vote 531 its a simple way to program overload and gain strength.
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qtdreams92 private msg quote post Address this user
@eknight @_RudeCrew @Rand well i am so glad I asked this question
cheers so much

ok I will use 5,3,1 as you guys suggested instead of the other programs for my PULL day. There's a whole book on 5,3,1?? Edit. i found this link
I will paste 'workout 2' into my PULL A day and then do all my other PULL exercises as usual. that looks good!

One more thing. i don't get how to choose 'exercises with the greatest carryover'? so lets say its getting it off the floor. At 1.r.m my back freaks out and screams at me to drop it. Will adding good mornings help me get over this feeling? my trainer puts a level on my back and says i keep it nice and straight btw.
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Built1st private msg quote post Address this user
Since deadlift is so multi-dimensional, there is ways to attack it if you are struggling on a certain part of the deadlift.

Implementing accessory work like barbell rows, farmer walks & pull ups can definitely carry over and help if your back is weak.

You can also try adding some deficit deadlifts or even pulling from a power rack with safeties set in the area where you having the most trouble.

These could also help:
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qtdreams92 private msg quote post Address this user
@Built1st thanks for the links
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smashley23 private msg quote post Address this user
I ran Maximum Strength for four months, it's a four month upper/lower program, and I hit a 315 deadlift after it. I can't remember what I was pulling before but I think it was 230. I liked 5/3/1 as well, but I just wanted to throw out another option.
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