Hey guys, newbie here. Been in the gym 10+ years but only in the last year have i started eating clean and recording my progress and actually training right. Finally seen some awesome gainz in strecgth and size.
Right now im out with a shoulder injury. I get a sharp pain in my antirior/lateral delt when i lift my elbow up to my shoulder. Obviously upper body training is out of the question. I can, however, do deadlift and lower body/core training.
my question is.......
im looking for a good program while recovering involving deadlifts for strecgth and hypertrophy, legs, and core.
my split would look something like this....
Monday deadlifts, tuesday legs/core, wednesday rest, thursday repeat. obviously progressive overload, eating, recording, etc, etc goes without saying.
would this be a good split. legs and core are not an issue, im looking for an hypertrophy deadlift program.
Any thoughts on the split or DL program.