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Hello SS,

Background: I get 75 min in the gym--every day. Also, I love running. So far this year, I have run 300 times and just under 1300 miles. So, while at the gym, I generally (HAVE TO) devote about 30 min to running, or I might die. =)

Question: Assuming I'm at the gym every day.. and have about 45 min to lift, what kind of split would you recommend?

Age: 38
Height: 5'11
Weight: 192
Body fat% (Optional): 15-18%? See pic
Bench: 100 lb dumbbells (wrist issues prevents barbell use)
Squat: 285 lbs
Deadlift: 315 lbs
Experience Level: 10 months
Goals: < 10% bf (I'm a reformed fat guy) SW: 295 lbs, CW: 192 lbs

Current split is:
Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Back
Day 3: Shoulders
Day 4: Arms
Day 5: Legs
Day 6: Core
Day 7: Chest....repeat

I usually do about 3-4 exercises, 3-4 sets per exercise, 6-12 reps per working set, to failure.

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Trev182 private msg quote post Address this user
Well done on the fat loss!

Did you read the faq at the top of the forum?

It has good beginner splits etc.

May be worth a look, any further questions, ask in here.
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wxfreekj private msg quote post Address this user
I did @Trev182! and thanks! I've read so many plans etc.. none really specific to someone in my situation, that's why I thought I would reach out to the expertise here! Just for some ideas.. what I am doing is clearly working, but is it the *best* thing for me as I am no longer so concerned with dropping weight and want to get leaner as I get bigger!


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Frostshock private msg quote post Address this user
I personally wouldn't suggest a 7 day routine. In regards to this:
Originally Posted by wxfreekj
want to get leaner as I get bigger!

I would pick a tried and proven 5 day split and focus more on your nutrition rather than loads of cardio and lifting. You can easily lean bulk to gain muscle while staying relatively lean until your next dedicated cut.
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Trev182 private msg quote post Address this user
Ahh good, glad you read it.

In that case, my honest advice would be to taper back the cardio slowly to 1-2 sessions a week.

Would never suggest a 7 day a week program, your body needs time to recover.

Pick a well proven 4/5 day a week lifting programme, along with your macros and 1-2 sessions of cardio a week and youe good to go.
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swollenscott private msg quote post Address this user
^ as said above.

Also congrats on the body changes!
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wxfreekj private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks @swollenscott @Trev182 @Frostshock! I appreciate the feedback. Being 260 and nearly 40%bf 10 months ago, it's really hard to drop the mindset that I need to cardio cardio cardio. Still not being the fat dude--it's surreal to say the least! The nutrition is on point. I track everything, hit my macros every day.. Plus, like I said, I love to run. I run 3-6 1/2 marathons a I can't totally give up the running. Having never, ever, been as lean as I am--I still want to get leaner. I really want to be < 10% bf by the time summer rolls around. I am willing to sacrifice some muscle gains (hopefully not lean mass) to achieve that goal for this summer! The Mrs. has put up with fat me for decades, she deserves a summer of shredded! Turns out, she's a big fan of abs.. =) I do agree hitting each body part every 6 days off with no days off is not maintainable, and not optimal. So, I think I will switch up to a 5 day plan and decrease the volume of cardio though--so advice will be taken! Once again, I really appreciate the input and the forum!
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Beastmode1607 private msg quote post Address this user
@wxfreekj push pull legs. I hope you can double your time, even if it means taking 1 hour out of sleep or sitting on the couch. My Marine Corps recruiter taught me to make time by beating my ass till I got it right lol but he was right, you just gotta want it bad enough then force yourself to want it even more.
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