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Vince Gironda/ Power combo routine11651

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HELLO Crazy SS mofo's!!

Really want to share the routine I've been running for a bit now. Loving it. I've experimented with Vince Gironda's 8*8 (8 sets/ 8 reps/ same weight/ 30 second rest between sets) for the past few months and eventually found a nice balanced way to incorporate it into my routine.

So I love PPL, and have adjusted my goals to include getting stronger as apposed to just being focused on hypertrophy. This is what I'm running now on my cut. Dropped 16.6 lbs at a nice slow 1lbs per week (been about 4 months).Got about another 6lbs to go! Easy sailing - and still losing weight on 2450 cals a day (@170lbs), which I'm really happy with.

CUT PICS will come in about 1 month !! Enough rambling, point of my thread was to share my routine which I'm loving:

Power/Hypertrophy PPL

Power: 5*5 Set 1-60%, set 2-80%, set 3-5-100%. Go all out on last set and when you can hit 7 reps add some weight next time. No set to failure.
Hypertrophy: 8*8 (same weight) and rest 40 seconds between sets. No set to failure.
Finishers: 3-4 sets of 8-12 slow tempo 4010
Days/Week: 4 days (no more)
Abs: Twice a week at home

Bench: Power
Military Press: Power
Semi Incline DB press: 8*8
Fly machine: 3/8-12
Side lateral raise: 8*8
Rear Delt raise: 3/8-12
Tricep 1: Power
Tricep 2: 8*8

BB Row: Power
Double DB Row: 8*8
Lat Pull Down: 3-4/8-12
Bicep 1: Power
Bicep 2: 8*8
Shrug: 8*8
Forearms: Reverse SS Normal wrist curls 3/burn

BB Hack Squat: Power
Leg Press: 8*8
Sissy Squat: 3/burn
RDL: Power
Leg Curl: 8/8
Walking lunges: 3/burn
Calve Leg Press: 8/8
Calf Raise: 3/8-12


Knee Raise: 8*8
Double Crunch: 8*8

**I'm absolutely loving BB hack squats, much prefer them to normal squats (at the moment), because they don't strain my lower back, I feel like it's improving my posture/ pushing through heels, and hopefully this will have a positive impact on my normal squat in the future.

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@brian12 Awesome! This is your log now?


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@eventheodds1 Mmmmm. A log! That could be good... Always been tempted to start a log..
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