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Hey peoples,

I'm a 22yo little white guy in Australia.

pics and the sort soon to come, but basically I do competetive cheer here and have turned to lifting to get more power, and hopefully motivate some of my other cheerleaders to stay on top of their fitness.

the P.H.A.T. program looks amazing but abit too advanced for me at the moment. i'm doing the German volume training program from the site and have signed up for a meal program from a supplement store here. 'muscle meals' stuff like brown rice / veg with chicken breast / tuna / red meats.

Ideally i want to maintain a great strength:weight but really want to break free of this scrawny 70kg bracket

start weight:
69 kg

opt nutrition gold standard whey protien
multivitamin with ever meal
lots of food, all of it good.

Get big enough to actually go through a worthwhile cutting regime... if i do it now i'll just look anorexic.
be more powerful with my acrobatics n'such

visual material to come!
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hell yeah!!
Welcome, and good luck to you.
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welcome bro...i am from the land down under as well...and a fellow will get great motivation in these forums...
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