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As i mentioned in a previous thread i have been running PHAT for a long long time now and had awesome gains on it. I am wanting to run something new for a little while then I am planning on returning back to PHAT. I would appreciate any suggestions.

P.S. I have done a little bit of GVT, and even though it was great for hypertrophy it created a little too much joint pain.
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Just finished another phase of GVT myself, done it a few times now - loved it, but yea your body takes a betting.
I did enjoy PHAT when i did it, good results like most people.
Im currently on my second week of Neil Hill's Y3T program. I'm liking it so far, definitely can feel the soreness the next day! Hoping to see some great results at the end!
Another program I sometimes go back to is a FST-7 program. I've seen great results with it each time and it's always a nice shock to my muscles!
Hope that gives you a few ideas to look into.
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