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Night of the Living Deadlift2528

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I can't be the only one who thought this after reading the previous thread about replacing a word in a movie title with squats.

Maybe I missed an earlier thread and if so, sorry.

I mean, I love squats as much as the next person. Possibly more.

I do front squats, back squats and overhead squats. Sometimes at work I do bodyweight squats.

I do squats more than any other exercise.

But isn't word deadlift just a more cinematic word?

I mean you've already got

Night of the Living Deadlift
The Walking Deadlift
Shaun of the Deadlift
The Evil Deadlift
Before the Devil Knows You're Deadlifting

I could go on, but you get the idea.
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Here are some more:

Crazy, Stupid, Deadlift
Mystic Deadlift
A Few Good Deadlifts
The Big Deadlift
Enormous Changes at the Last Deadlift
Deadlift House
Only When I Deadlift
X-Men: First Deadlift

(These are all Kevin Bacon films --
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i think youre contained to primarily zombie/horror movies. the word squat is more humerous in most cases and pertains to a much wider range of films. although i kinda chuckled night of the living deadlift, reps
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@seansm10 At first glance, you may be right. But that's only if you lack creativity.

I offer some of the works of Ang Lee with one word changed to Deadlift ---

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Deadlift
Brokeback Deadlift
Ride with the Deadlift
Deadlift with the Devil
Deadlift and Sensibility
Deadlift, Caution
Lust, Deadlift
The Deadlift Storm
The Ice Deadlift
The Deadlift Banquet
Deadlift Mountain

Maybe it's just me.
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Dude, it seems you're very bored... Go liftin'
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