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Hello folks, so I've been having this significant issue since the previous year and I can't figure out the reason.

The issue is that I begin having extreme pain in my lower calves and lower legs subsequent to running for only 5 minutes, even in the wake of completing a considerable measure of dynamic extending. In the event that I don't heat up, my knee joints additionally begin to give out. I used to play ball a ton before also. Presently I can't play legitimately because of this issue.

I weigh about 89kg. Increased 11kg over the previous year. I have been weightlifting for as far back as 7 months and I was in building stage for 5 months till a week ago. I never skip leg day and I trust I have solid legs. My calves are very obvious too. My lower body is moderately greater, however, from hips to thighs.

I've turned out to be truly baffled now since this issue has turned into a gigantic impediment to my sports and cardio. My trainer has suggested me to have a massage therapy session as that will help me feel better.

Any recommendations would truly be valued.
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If you played a lot of ball chances are you’ve had ankle injuries and/or ligament damage which can limit ROM and therefore lead to discomfort up the chain... normally there’s a hindersnce in dorsiflexion...
I’d do a 5” wall dorsiflexion test and start there.
Roll out feet with lacrosse ball they get beat up quite a bit !!
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Sounds like you may even have shin splints, which can be posterior as well. And possibly some ligament damage like @FiremanSi said, or simply inflammation/tendinitis. Did you do the wall test yet?
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