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This is the last split order question that I am going to ask.

I have read thousands of threads of these posts but I always see people doing the basic splits: full body/PPL/Upper lower, or a bro split, it seams that no one is really training a muscle after 48 hours, is it truly not worth it, I read the Routine design for dummies and many more which state that: training muscles from 48-72 hours for best results, however everywhere I see people keep saying that things such as training a muscle that frequently will lead to over training.
That is just some back knowledge on it, but my question is training small muscles every 48 hours, with larger muscles every 96 hours beneficial, I know that it says best results are up to 72 hours, however, my strength has been really progressing with 72 hours, with a L/P/P/L/P/P/R and my size has improved, but when I say my strength has increased, I mean mainly only in the compound lifts, and when I go from chest to shoulders or back to biceps, my strength drastically decreases, and I thought wouldnt it be better to work out all of the muscles fresh? As everyone I know apart from the one who put me on the program has been telling me that I am overtraining and they could be right as I generally feel like crap going to the gym.
I read that training the muscles with the most weight= to more deep tissue being activated, whereas lighter weight only reaches to top of the muscle and leaves the rest unused, however then other personal trainers and other people on the internet have being saying that it is a good thing that your weight goes down, as it means that you are destroying the muscles even further.
I am 1 month and 21 days away from my cut, so I suppose that I can try something new, but not so bad that it will make me want to kill myself.
In my opinion my lagging bodyparts are my arms, and ration biceps to triceps are 1:1 and it should be 2:3 my shoulders, and that roundness effekt is still trying to get there, and then my
upper traps, which I have finally figured out how to work them correctly. So I am trying to configure the program so that it does not necessarily target them but get my body into a perfect symmetrical shape.
The plan I thought of doing is a 3 day simple split, with one rest day every 3 days, so that I wont be underecovering apparently:
Day 1: Back-Shoulders-Traps
Day 2: Quads-Hamstrings-Calves
Day 3: Chest-Triceps-Biceps
Day 4: Rest

Not to sure where to do the abs yet but, my waist has increased over 2 inches, which I hope is bodyfat, so I dont want to overdo it.

The problem is Back may be impacted, and I love my back, I have a thick back, but the width is lacking, and I dont want to screw it up, also shoulders may wear out my ability to do Chest, which is another problem. However this is the kind of split that I would enjoy doing, but am not sure if it would work properly.
I have put together every way to order your bodyparts, and L/P/P or the split above are my only options.
Thanks for reading, and any input is really appreciated.
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The Dark
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Wtf? That's like reading the Declaration of Independence. In one sentence what are you asking? -3X
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Haha, I am asking if there are any benefits from doing a split

Back shoulders Traps
Chest arms

As I read this is what phat was develpoed by, it is also a split that Lee haney used in the 1990s.

As Ive been looking at a lot of bodybuilders, and saw that splits cause a difference in the muscle composition and definition.

Such as Phil Heath doing a lot of machine work putting a lot more work on the one muscle, so more volume, and less of a blocky physique but more chiselled. And so he makes a split for having one muscle per day, so he can chisel it down.

Then there is PPL which is able to shape your major muscles but leaving your other muscles unconditioned, as you are not able to train them hard enough. -Frank Zane/ Kevin Levrone

And then there are powerlifters, and strength lifters who have a more blocky physique as they are not conditioning there muscles along with there heavy un stabilised work.

And then I came across Ronnie coleman, who separated his muscles for poundage and conditioning as he trained everything fresh, and still with the frequency, I know we cannot do what he does but my point is he was large and conditioned.

I dont know if this is true or not, but if its is, would the split above be of any use to this?
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The Dark
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One sentence.

But before you do, be aware that following the same routine as pro bodybuilders is absolutely not optimal and shouldn't be advised. -3X
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I already made that mistake once before, wont be doing it again.
Its a little hard to break it down but:

Will working out each muscle fresh with more concentration away from any intervening muscles, help shape and condition muscles.

And does working out all the muscles together promote size e.g. compound lifts?

And if both above are true, would a split doing:
Back shoulder traps
Chest arms

have both advantages, my above post just explains why I think this. Thanks for the reply though.
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The Dark
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You can't change the shape of a muscle by the way you train it. I stopped reading at that point. Do a basic upper/lower split, like Westside Barbell or any of its variations.

The human body didn't evolve to work out muscles. It evolved to become more efficient at movements. When you stop thinking of training like a pro bodybuilder and start thinking of training like an athlete, your progress will skyrocket. -3X
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Ok thank you that helped. Sorry for the intense paragraphs haha, wont happen again in the future.
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Damn bro, i got to the third letter and saw the wall of text and gave up. On a site filled with hard workers and dedicated members, we are a lazy bunch. Less reading = more responses.
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The Dark
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You're welcome. Don't have to apologize for long posts. If that's what helps you think and form ideas, go for it. Sometimes the people who are answering you just don't want to read that much. -3X
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Got it, I'll try to break it down the next time I ask a question, or answer a question once I've become happy with what I have made.
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Yea..... I didn't read any of that. If you're going to write a wall of text, Break that shit up

So it doesn't seem to be SUCH A FUCKING STRUGGLE TO READ

Gotta trick out lazy asses into believing there's just one more short paragraph.
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