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I've been training over the last few years and am reaching a point where I am struggling to lose body fat, previously putting it down to diet and maintaining lets say not the healthiest of lifestyle...

However for the last couple of years this has cleaned up dramatically and exercise is regular, but am really struggling to drop my body fat down and after a little research believe I am fighting against my illness, or should I say the medication I have to take every day.

I have to take steroids (hydracortisone & fludracortisone) daily to control my immune system, and believe they have an adverse effect on insulin control and fat storage in the body, basically I'm looking for some advise at perhaps how I can self manage or counter it's effects without stopping it doing what it needs to and keep me on my feet!

If anyone has any advice it would be really appreciated, I'm seeking an end goal of a body I'm willing to work hard to get, but I'm being held back by something that is out of my control...
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I'm by no means an expert and you should see one but just a general recommendation is to read the FAQ. How long have you been cutting? What's your caloric deficit? Do you track your macros? Did you reverse diet down to a deficit?
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kickinchicken private msg quote post Address this user
Without prescribed hormones or a change in medications then there isn't much you can do other than do your best to train as if you have no medical issues. If your training is spot on and nutrition is correct than you need to talk to your primary doctor.
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