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For the last several months (since October) my right shoulder has been injured. When the injury first occurred, I took many months off from lifting, but now I'm ready to get back into it. When my shoulder is passive it doesn't hurt, but certain exercises/movements cause a severe pinching sensation right around my AC joint. I've been to an orthopedist, and just did physical therapy the last 3 weeks. So far, no official diagnosis has been given. I've asked both my ortho and PT if I could start lifting again, and they've both said that it's fine, and just to stop any exercise that causes pain. Yesterday I did a trial run at the gym, and here are the exercises that cause pain:

-Bench press w/ free weights (OK w/ lower weight on the chest press machine/hammer strength)
- Any overhead shoulder press type movement
- Front raises
- Pull-ups/ pull downs

Obviously, these are some very key exercises in any bodybuilder's routine. My question to you guys is, do you have any recommendations for alternative exercises that would help build my chest/shoulders/lats? Is it even possible to build a solid physique if I exclude these exercises for the time being?

Thanks for your help, and sorry for the long post.
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cschro private msg quote post Address this user
Do you warm up properly? Try 5 min. cardio and then the following for example:

3x5x200 (working sets)
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correra911 private msg quote post Address this user
Ya I always run for 10 mins on the treadmill and then stretch before I lift.

Not sure what you're suggesting though... those just look like numbers to me
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cschro private msg quote post Address this user
The format is:

To warm up for 200 lbs. on the bench press you would do two sets of five reps at 80 lbs. Follow that with one set of three reps at 120 lbs. Then one set of two reps at 170 lbs. That all leads up to three sets of five at 200 lbs. for your actual lift. This can be adjusted to your lifting style but should be followed for most big lifts.

A lot of people just get in a go, but thats a good way to injure/reinjure yourself.
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samirsaleh private msg quote post Address this user
im facing the same issue, I stopped pullups all in all, going extremely light on shoulder presses, and doing every single rep with perfect form.

The second I feel the slightest pinch I stop and move on to the next exercise.
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