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I was in the gym this evening and one of the guys i used to regularly train with came up to me, he nicknamed me 'science bro' because i was the only one out of five of us regulars that read tons about training and diet.
He said 'im cutting for summer and want a bit of advice, how many carbs should i have?' Since it has been battered into me on here you can imagine my response, anyway, he is 5'11" and 220lbs, trains 6 days, cycles 20 miles a day 4 days a week, he 'reckoned' he was eating 100g of carbs, 250g protein and unknown fat but peanut butter featured a hell of a lot in his diet!
He also 'reckoned' he had bulked on 3500-4000cals a day and had decided to 'cut' he would slash it to 2500......... I just kinda gave him a funny look and then preceded to tell him (briefly since i was trying to train and not give some form of lecture) about cals in vs cals out, 50/30/20 ratio, the importance of tracking macros and most importantly of all how important carbs are, he was amazed and seemed to take it all on board.
It was quite funny as he acted like I'd just given him the worlds most hidden diet secret...
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That is because in todays fitness industry " the worlds most hidden diet secret" is the truth sadly.
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Because the truth is already out there and still people dont believe. One example is carbs. People still believe the old carb theory..
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