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PHAT question + supp tips please9668

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Hey guys got a question for ya's

So, I'm on PHAT and I've been doing the routine exactly as the original layne norton routine is and reading around about it people say you're suppose to pick 1 thing out of the power days to do and not do everything listed.

Is this true? Am I not suppose to be doing everything listed? I think it's fine but I don't know if I'll burn out quick or something?

Can someone explain exactly what this means if so because I've looked all around the web and can't quite seem to grasp exactly what people mean by this. I've read the original article by layne and still can't understand.

Also, my supplements.
- Anavite multi
- high epa,dha omega fish oil (no 3,6,9)
What else should I have? I'm on a cut right now to 6% from 10%.

Should I get Glucosamine, CLA, beta-alanine, lcarnitine, creatine(no if it causes hairloss though)?
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jja0016 private msg quote post Address this user
and BCAAs. Whey/Casein blend protein
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If u can't do everything u can modify the routine til u can do everything or to your liking..

Supps: u can try CLA as for some say it works some say it didnt make a difference, bcaa's, fish oil, multi, creatine
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lol. I have modified the original PHAT program so much... I am sure most ppl on this forum do phat but have modified it until they found a nice formula to the program...... Pretty much as long as your training the muscles 2x a week with power/hypo reps your good
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