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PHAT Workout up to Comp whilst cutting?9358

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Hi Im currently 24 weeks out and starting to Cut (1-1.5lb a week)for Masters o 40's.
Currently following Layne Norton PHAT workout.

Has anyone tried this style of training whilst cutting, what success did you have? (Natural)

Previously i just trained heavy / compound all the way but looking for improvement. My instincts tell me just to train heavy all the way but hear so many stories of progress doing PHAT type workouts including Layne himself.
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There are tons of people here that have run a PHAT routine on a cut, and a lot of them even log it. I'd recommend you read through their reports and evaluate for yourself. I personally love heavy compound movements; I'd rather croak than stop deadlifting or squatting. I also hate hypertrophy routines, so I will probably never run phat personally so I cant give you any direct feedback. From my understanding of laynes phat program though, your upper and lower power days should involve a lot of heavy compound movements. Your hypertrophy days are specifically that....
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