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Switching to phat during a cut8762

Shezza94 private msg quote post Address this user
I'm having a hard time maintaining strength on my current routine, would it be a good idea to switch to PHAT to see if I can maintain my strength easier?
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shannowman private msg quote post Address this user
it may be more to do with your diet than your split.

What are your current macros? Height, weight? What split are you currently running?
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tamere01 private msg quote post Address this user
I think it will depend more on your current split and how much strength you've lost in relations to your weight loss. I mean if you lost 10kg and your deadlift went down by 5 kg (example) that's more reasonable then you having lost 2kg so far and your bench dropping by 10 kg.

like @shannowman said maybe nutrition related aswell? How fast you losing weight on your current macro's??

And im thinking of changing to phat during my cut too so if that happens before you change splits il let you know how its going.
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