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Hello all, new to Simplyshredded but have found the articles to be of great help with my training and nutrition.
I am 23 years old, 6'3 and ~182lbs. My goal is to reach a weight of 195 - 200 lbs and maintain that weight even following a cut.
I am still exploring my MACROs to determine what works best for me. Currently intaking a minimum of 300g carbs, 200g protein, and anywhere between 80 - 90g fat but I try to hit at least 3100 calories daily so obviously there are MACROs missing in that equation that are filled in as needed, typically in the carb or protein category.

I began PHAT yesterday and will run it until I stop seeing gains. I will keep up with this log and would love any feedback on improvements to diet, routine, weak points in physique.
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mikew private msg quote post Address this user
Cool. Welcome to the forum! Good luck on this bulk.

What are you using to track your macros?
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Myfitnesspal app on my iPhone. I am in the Marine Corps so its fairly easy since 98% of my meals are prepared by Sodexo I can search it in the app and it gives me all of the information. The app also has a bar code scanner so I can scan in things I buy or my supplement stack too.
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ON Gold Standard 100% Whey: 2 Scoops Post workout
ON GlycoMaize: 2 scoops post workout
Modern BCAA: 1 scoop post workout
Creatine Monohydrate: 5g per day following an 8 day loading phase of 10g per day
Pre workout: Changes periodically but typically Jack3d or some kind of pump inducer like N02 Hemo surge
Glucosamine and Chondroiton
Will be adding Animal Stak starting 8 March
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Yesterday was my first day of PHATue to my work schedule I have to rest on Thursday, therefore, I began with Back and Shoulder Hypertrophy on Friday March 1st.

Bent over BB Row:
115 x3 x3 x4 125 x4 x3 x3 115 x6 x9
Lat Pulldown:
110 x10 120x9 110x11
Seated Cable Row:
130x8 120x9 140x5 (Drop Set) 100x5
Close Grip Pullup Superset with DB Row
(BWx5 55x10) (BWx10 kipping 65x8)
Seated DB Press:
45x7 42.5x8 35x10
Upright Cable Row:
80x9 70x lost track of count just went to failure
Lateral Raise:
15lbsx10 15x6 7.5x12

I am pretty sure someone is going to say this is too much volume. Please provide any recommendations on what to drop or increase based on my pictures in my profile. THANKS!
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Trharrison private msg quote post Address this user
If you can handle the volume go for it man, just give each group ample time to rest as im positive you will be sore if you're just starting phat. i myself have been running phat for 12 weeks. i've seen incredible results. looks good for the first day! keep it up.

P.s. the layout of your pictures looks very similar to my room. i'm assuming pendleton?
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
I ran PHAT in AFG with this amount of volume and it resulted in my avatar pic so I was happy with those results. Since coming back stateside I was pretty much forced to switch to a three day a week GVT split due to the order mandating everyone to PT 5 times a week so my command has us out running for an hour ever morning. I know it will be difficult to gain much doing that much cardio but its worth a shot. I guess im not so much bulking as i am trying to recomp to like 195. I keep the diet real clean and if im going to miss my carb goal by like 50 or even 100 ill still pass up the donut or whatever because as you know we have certain standards to maintain. Yes Pendleton.
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Trharrison private msg quote post Address this user
well heres the thing. i was in the same situation as you. on the days we run in the mornings i immediately eat right afterwards to keep my energy up for the upcoming hours. and around 11am i will have my preworkout mixed already and drink it. so i go to the gym on my lunch hours 11-12/1230 typically. even if your doing cardio 5 times a week, as long as you keep at a calorie surplus you are golden. and you will keep the gains coming. and in the end it should help out even more imo. just because you pt in the morning doesn't mean you cant go to the gym in the afternoon or evening.
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Oh i still go to the gym i never miss a workout even when im home. (GF hates that one) Yeah I will slowly increase my calories because im almost certain the 3100 i average is not enough. I will keep logging and see where i end up!
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Weighed in at 184 with gym shorts and a tank top. Pretty solid leg Hyper day

175x3 185x3 195x3 205x3 x3 x3 x3
Stiff leg Deadlift:
90x12 110x9 110x13 135x13
Hack Squat:
140x7 120x9 120x9 120x9
Superset Leg extension to Lying Leg Curl:
50x16 -> 50x13 (individual legs) 55x13 ->45x16 per leg 45x15 -> 40x17 per leg

Kind of feel like i should have done more squat? I dont really get the whole DOMS in my legs and i dont really find it hard to walk up and down stairs or do other things the following days which seems to be the consensus among serious lifters. Go heavier i guess...
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Trharrison private msg quote post Address this user
let me ask you this, how far do you squat down on your hyper days?
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
SO to start with heres a website for your cals buddy:

clickable text

ALl the Big Dogs on this use it, very helpful.

I'm about ur size 6'3.5" 194lbs eating 3550cals on a bulk with 80g fat, 488g carbs, 222g pro.

Ur doing a lot more cardio than me so ur definately going to need to up them carbs my man.

Starting PHAT in the summer. Doin a version of L/P/P now and loving it.

I'll be viewing this log for sure.

ps GF's that dont go to the gym HATE the gym, but they love our results.
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
(Trharrison) I go parallel if not further. I am not a "bro" at the gym doing those 315lb 1/4 squats. i played college football so technique was critical and demanded by the coaching staff.

(Fireman) Thanks for the site ill check it out for sure. I can tell you know its difficult for me to reach that kind of carb intake cleanly. im forced to eat at the chowhall 99% of the time and they only serve white rice which im hesitant to eat unless its right after a workout. im averaging 300g of carbs and thats very likely why i am unable to push past 184 each week. keep in mind im taking at least 75g post workout with glycomaize so you see how difficult it is for me to even reach that. typically my diet consists of
liquid egg white omlet with ham
liquid egg omlet with ham
two quaker oatmeal packs
fruit (red apple)
sometimes yogurt if we did some crazy pt

Lunch: always the hardest for me
2 - 3 chicken breasts about the size of my palm
sometimes more fruit
maybe a slice of multi grain bread with pb&j

pre workout:
red apple
tuna or protein bar

post workout:
custom shake with 2 scoops glycomaize and two scoops on gold standard whey, one scoop modern bcaa, 5g creatine.

dinner is similar to lunch but this is where ill usually include the white rice with all that chicken or get some kind of beef if they are serving it. also have 12 ounces of chocolate milk

before bed ill take on casein if i need the calories or protein to meet my goal but usually its the carbs im falling incredibly short on.

haha and finally my girl hits the gym but it is by no means a way of life for her like it is me and just doesnt quite understand the dedication we have. she fully supports it though and never stops me from going because like you said they love the results! haha :-D
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
A carb is a carb man.
If u look at @alexmuller.. he's got logs on this, youtube, and on myfitnesspal and he uses white rice all the time no matter when... and he's a BEAST, low BF too.

if u can get ur hands on it eat it man and record it... keep the sugar carbs relatively low and u'll be fine dont get caught in the world of GI like i used to.
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Ok I will give it a shot. I did get hooked on the whole Paleo thing for a while and it dropped me down to 162. In fact tonight was my first time having pasta probably in two years. I am sticking with this. Thanks
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Flat Bench Press:
155x3 x4 175x3 x3 x3 x5 (last two werent really explosive)
Incline DB Press:
55x10 65x7 55x10 50x11
Hammer Strength Wide Press:
110x12 90x15 (Slow Isometric Holds)
Machine Preacher Curl:
80x8 80x8 70x7 50x8
Concentration Curls:
27.5x12 per arm
DB Flye:
17.5lbs xlost count after 20 25lbsx13
Overhead Cable Tricep Extension:
40x10 50x9 40x12
Cable Pressdown
50x13 45x6 -> 30x4 35x6
DB Kickbacks:
5lbsx10 per arm for back to back sets

Felt like a pretty good workout. Completed in less than 60 minutes for very high volume IMO so hope that pays off somehow. Lets hear some feedback?
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Great upper body power workout today! Only problem was I took my PWO (NO2 Hemo Surge) and my forearms were so pumped after I did my DB Bench it was almost uncomfortable. I had to continously shake them out for the remainder of the workout. Also some bad news, two days in a row it looks like I will be a little short on my caloric goal of 3400 calories. Both days it was around 350 calories which is typically the minimum you would want to add to your maintenance weight to begin gaining. Going to try and pick it up these next few days.

Bent Over BB Row:
165x3 135x6 155x3 155x3
Weighted Pull up:
BWx7 +20lbsx4 BWx7
DB Rows:
70x6 70x8
Slight incline DB Bench Press (15 degrees):
80x4 85x3 75x5
BWx10 +20lbsx5 BWx6
DB Shoulder Press:
40x10 45x8 45x7
EZ bar curl:
60x9 80x4.5 50x8
40x12 60x8 60x8
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
I'd stop taking that PWO man, sounds ridiculous. Shouldnt be getting those kind of symptoms off a PWO anyway, let alone from just doin some benching.
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Fireman that PWO apparently has done that to a few people from what ive read online. I did upper hypertrophy so before i did the bench i was doing back so the pulling probably pumped my forearms.

Hit my calorie goal for today! Although i weighed in with a different shirt than normal the scale showed dramatic improvement to 187. realistically i am guessing 185 as my true body weight which is about a 1 lb increase in about a week.

Lower Body Power
205x5 225x4 245x3 265x3
Hack Squat:
180x8 200x7 wasnt really feeling enough quad involvement so decreased weight to 110 and did two sets about about 10 isolating the quads more
Stiff Leg Deadlift:
145x7 195x8 195x7 probably could go heavier
Lying leg curl:
155x5and3/4 110x8
Leg Extension:
100x12 too light 120x12 heavier next time
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FiremanSi private msg quote post Address this user
Really ? And people still use it... sounds a bit extreme !!
Good workout though man.
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
So I ran out of GlycoMaize two days ago and have just decided to fill that carb void with a slightly lenient diet. The past two days I have basically "carbed up" pretty hard consuming a few slices of pizza, a bacon cheeseburger and some sweet potato fries etc. On the positive side I just weighed in at 186.4! which is incredible because i havnt seen that weight yet. obviously that weight is probably water retention and hopefully not much fat, certainly none im noticing in the mirror so im content. i should have my hands on universal real gains by monday so i will go back to a more strict carb intake once i have those carbs post workout.

Todays Workout was back and shoulders hyper
Bent over row:
135x5 135x3 x3 125x5 x3 x3 x3
Lat Pulldown: Superset with Upright Row:
110x9 -> 80x10 120x8.5 -> 70x13 100x11 -> 60x10 80x12+
Seated DB Press:
40lbs per armx10 50lbs per armx7 37.5x11
Seated underhand grip cable Row:
100x15 120x9 110x8
Close Grip Pullup:
bwx10 bwx3
Lateral Raise:
15lbs per armx11 15lbs per armx10 10lbs per armx13
DB Row:
90x3 70x8 50x10

Workout completed right at an hour so I was taking VERY short rests and loving it. I prefer to superset the body opposite body parts being worked on hypertrophy days because i become mentally consumed with my workout and nothing around me is even noticed. LOVE IT!
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Side note. I dont have a workout partner. How do you guys think that plays into pushing ones self? If i ever need spot i just grab some random but im starting to feel like if i had a spotter id go harder.
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Tipping the scale at 188 today! Since ive put on those four pounds in about a week im going to cycle two days of low carb to prevent the weight i gain from being purely fat. i read about the cyclic bulking on this site so ill give it two days of lower and slower carbs and then ill get back at it.

Todays Leg Hyper Workout:
185x3 205x3 x3 x3 195x3 x3
Hack Squat:
90lbsx11 110lbsx10 130lbsx8 110lbsx9
Stiff Leg Deadlift:
155lbsx10 175lbsx8 175lbsx7 almost lost grip 155lbsx8
Leg Extension:
40lbs per legx15 30lbsx16 20lbsx20
Lying Leg Curl:
45lbs per leg x16 50lbs per leg x12 40lbs per leg x12

I saw someone doing heel elevated squats towards the end of my workout and decided to put 135 on my back and try a few of them. What is it isolating more? the glutes or quads? I loved the feeling so i may do these on the hyper days and regular squat on the power days. whats your thoughts?
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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Chest and Arms Hypertrophy

Flat Bench Press:
145x3 x3 150x3 155x3 x3 x3 x3
Incline DB Bench:
60lbs per arm x9 65x9 60x8 50x9 40x8
Hammer Strength Wide Chest Press:
90lbs x15 110lbs x13 110lbsx12 i think lost count
Cable Crossover:
40lbs per side x15 35lbs per side x20
EZ Bar Preacher Curl Superset Skullcrushers:
(50lbsx9 -> 30lbsx12) (50lbsx9 -> 50lbsx11) (50lbsx9 -> 60lbsx9)
Spyder Curl Superset with V Grip Cable Pressdown
(30lbsx12 -> 30lbsx15) 30lbsx15 -> 30lbsx16)
BW Dips to Failure:

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Stack87 private msg quote post Address this user
Missed a few logs because the site wouldnt grant me access for some reason but i did NOT miss those workouts i can assure you that! Today was a great back and shoulder hyper for me. Also got my new supps in. Started taking Universal Real Gains which im loving so far. Con cret, Animal Test, and back on Jack3d which is incredible as always lol. pretty curious to see how Animal Test affects me because ive taken Animal Stak before and it was by far the best test booster/supplement ive ever taken. Also this is my first time taking any kind of "weight gainer" so i am interested to see what kind of affect that has on me.

Back and Shoulder Hyper
Wide Grip Pullup:
BWx3 x3 x3 x3 x3 +10lbsx3 +15x5 +20x3
Wide Grip Cable Row:
120lbsx7 110x7 120x9
Seated DB Presses:
40x11 47.5per armx 10 45lbs per armx10
Reverse Grip BB Row:
95lbsx12 115lbsx10 95lbsx10
Upright cable row:
70lbsx15 55lbsx15 more emphasis on the hold/squeze in the traps
Lateral Raise:
15lbs per armx8 10lbs per armx14 12.5lbs per armx12
DB Row Burnout: Emphasis on the Negative stretch and hold on the squeeze: 50lbsx9 per side
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Forgot to mention my weight! I am holding steady at ~187 lbs which is a 6 lbs increase since 2 March 2013 when I weighed in at ~181. How am i coming along? I am not noticing a difference in waist size; however, some of my jeans are tighter in the thighs because my hammies are growing!

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Weighed in at 187 today before doing the leg hypertrophy workout. This is about my 3rd day of taking Animal Test and i believe its driving my appetite through the roof! i was so hungry last night two benadryl couldnt knock me out so i at a VPX chocolate peanut butter bar at like midnight and that did the trick. The past few days it has been EASY to get all my macros and calories with this appetite. :-D

Leg Hypertrophy
Leg Press:
380lbs x3 x3 x3 430x3 (too heavy so didnt count it) 340lbs x3 x3
Hack Squat:
90lbs x13 110lbs x12 130lbs x10
155x13 135lbs x15 i think but lost count i was so into it
Leg Extension (individual leg)
40lbs x13 per leg 30lbs x16 per leg 20lbs x20 per leg
Stiff Leg DL:
90lbs x12 110lbs x9 110lbs x10 i think? lost count
Lying leg curl: (individual leg)
45lbs x14 per leg 50lbs xfailed on 12th for both legs

I really loved squating a lower weight for that many reps. I am beginning to question if my legs would respond better to working in the 12 - 15 rep range more often. i might keep doing leg press for the speed work and squating high reps on the hyper days. Ill still do the squat on power days though because i am aware that truly builds total body strength.
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