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1 rep max bench ?!8681

johon6 private msg quote post Address this user
yeah may try one of the staff if a lad i kinda know doesn't go, ( just messaged him on FB to see if he was in sunday morning ) lol
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THE GODFATHER wannabemuscular private msg quote post Address this user
Go to the front desk and be like "just want to let you know I'm going to max out on bench press and since nobody wants to spot me you may find me crushed under the bar over there . . . Just letting you know in case it becomes a liability issue . . . Thanks . . . ".
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LVjack private msg quote post Address this user
What you do is you go to the squat rack and roll a bench over and set up your bench press in the squat rack.

Next set the stop bars to a point where the barbell is able to touch your chest but if you are unable to do the rep the stop bars are just below your chest level and you can lower the bar to around where your shoulders are so that it racks it and you can slide out under the bar.

Hope that makes sense. It works fine and is safe.
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haole private msg quote post Address this user
ask a trainer to spot you. Or go at a different time and see if there is someone there to spot you. Different people are at the gym at different times of the day/night. I call BS that you can't find a spotter.
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johon6 private msg quote post Address this user
@lvjack ! Now that's an idea !

@haole, what could I possibly have to gain from BS and saying I can't get a spotter ?
It doesn't benefit me, and therefore doesn't need to be said if it isn't true !
@lvjack though, that is a plan !!
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BaiTu private msg quote post Address this user
I tried that method that lvjack mentioned, but it didn't feel safe to me.

However one other option is to take the collars off the bar. That way, if you fail on the lift, you can tilt the bar so that the weights roll off and then you've got the empty bar.

It will be loud but safe.
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jonrivs49 private msg quote post Address this user
Lvjack and baitu have given what im going to advice.. Anyways. It sounds like you dont have friends or someone you know and all the people seems there like all dicks if they dnt want to help you. I go to different gym due to work. Different gym depends on my sched for that day. And if i need a hand.. I just ask a random guy and they do help..
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