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Strenght training and recovery8519

Markovich private msg quote post Address this user
If you train for strenght, lift heavy and and only do reps in the 1-5 range how much recovery do the muscles need? Is it bad for the CNS if the body lift heavy too often? If I do a 1 rep max every training, is that too much?

Can I ex to like this
Day 1: Benchpress, bent over row and other upper body exercises
Day 2: Squat, leg press and other lower body exercises
Day 3: Benchpress etc
Day 4: Squat etc..
2 days break
Would this be too much concidering I only train in the 1-5 rep range and do a 1 rep max lift in exercises like benchpress and squat?
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pandasashi private msg quote post Address this user
i would wait at least 2 days (as in on the 3rd day, restart the split)
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Linus private msg quote post Address this user
That sound like a upper/lower rutine.

You could max every day and the repeat bout effect will adapt you to that work load.
It will be quite un safe but you do as you like.

MPS (muscle protein syntesis) is elevated for 24-36 hours after training, so every muscle can rest for a whole day before hitting it again.

Your routine has muscle over lap, so not every muscle gets that whole day rest.

Again its not a big issue, but i would recommend a more optimal rutine.

Bill Starr 5x5
Ice Cream Fitness 5x5

Take a look at those is my suggestion.
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