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Please help, i'm stuck8486

KingLeonidasXIV private msg quote post Address this user
okay guys, i feel like i have some sort of problem. before you say anything let me lay out my stats updated as of today : 185 lbs, 5' 10.
for the past few months ive gained about 6 pounds and my lifts have up.

Squats : 315 x 5 lbs (i go pretty low, slightly past parellel)
Deadlift: 350 x 1
Bench: 200 x 5

i dont understand why my arms are only 14.6 inch flexed... and pretty much my upper body looks smaller than my lower. I know its supposed to be like this but i feel like for other people they are my height and weight and they have huge arms... i dont get it. Im currently on tom mutaffis' 4 day split for a few months now and my weights have gone up. I just dont understand why my chest and arms and back are lagging quite badly. Im not sure how i can fix this and it's really frustrating me. I feel like if i keep bulking until 200 pounds my arms will still be the same. They juust WONT GROW. can someone PLEASE TELL ME WHY?
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TheBangBus private msg quote post Address this user
Stop being a bitch and target them and hit them hard...

If you work them... they will grow
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Swift private msg quote post Address this user
Spend more time working on your arms, a lot of routines only add in arms as assistance exercises rather than devoting larger portions to them as they are weaker muscles than ur large ones such as ur quads or chest.
Also, a lot comes down to working the target muscle rather than just performing the movement. You may have to drop the weight a little to really focus on just pulling with ur biceps and pushing with your triceps... It should be completely controlled and try on focus on the flex, so by u flexing the muscle it is moving the weight...if that makes sense :p

Just do more arm work
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cassious private msg quote post Address this user
Id rather little arms than little legs...
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AarronStenner private msg quote post Address this user
what is your workout split now, give us more detail and we can help
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johon6 private msg quote post Address this user
i'm 244lbs and my arms are only 15.5inch dude ! i ain't worried as i know it takes work to target weak points
my chest, triceps n shoulders are attrociuosly weak points,

don't be dishaearted, think smart and target em for size
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Linus private msg quote post Address this user
Everyones genetics are different.

All you can do is workout each bodypart with progressive overload 3 times per week and eat in a calorie surplus.

If you want to make sure your program is not failing you, try this out:

It can make all the difference.
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