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JLC is all in on PHAT!8271

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Hello fellow lifters!

I thought about getting a log on thís site for quite a while and now is the time! I'm 5 weeeks in the program right now, so I'll just skip the first weeks and keep you updated as much as possible. There will be some pictures in aswell.

Lifting Experience

I've been working out in about 2 years now, but with some time off. I had to visit Australia for 3 months and I didnt lift a single wheight during that time. Instead i got wasted 4 days a week in the beloved goon. Slap it!!!

Unfortunately the 3 months put be back quite a bit. Before I left Denmark i could benchpress 110kg for 5RM for an example.

Besides that I'm studying to become a physiotherapist and I'm halfway through right now. So all the anatomy and physiology is right in its spot!


Before PHAT:

Height: 194cm
Wheight: 83kg

Bench (5RM): 92,5kg
Deads (5RM): 95kg
BOR (5RM): 85kg
Squat (5RM): 90kg

5 Weeks in:

Height: 194cm
Wheight: 86kg

Bench (5RM): 100kg
Deads (5RM): 105kg
BOR (5RM): 105kg
Squat (5RM): 100kg

I think that my progress is OK, but I wont stop before I hit 110-115kg bench and squat at least. Squat should be no problem at all.

The Diet

I'm currently bulking, sortof a lean bulk. So I've decided to eat withing reasonable limits, but still hit my macros. I'm eating aroung 3200 kcal/day with a least 180gr of protein.


Dymatize BCAA
Dymatize Elite Whey

Pics will be in sooner or later!

Feel free to ask any questions!

Best regards,

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More bor then deadlift?
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Yeah, as weird as it sounds. I dont think i have measured it good enough, cause I can do 105 for 8-10 reps. Did it yesterday.
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Soooo.. Now its time for some updates!

I've done both the powerdays and I'm in for the rest today.

Did a lot af heavy lifting on the power days.

Bench 100 x 5,4,4
Deadlift 105 x 5,5,5
Squat 102,5 x 5,5,5

And more to come. I'm really feeling the strenth exploding right now, and I'll continue with this program as long as possible until I hit a platue!

I'm also doing the rumanian deadlift instead of regular.
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