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Sup. I've got a question about Dumbbell Flys. Are they really that important? I mean Dumbbell Flys is the only exercise that I can't do due to an injury that I've got 1 year ago. Almost everybody says that Dumbbell Flys must be in everyone's chest routine. If yes, how can you alternative them and why do you do Dumbbell Flys?
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I haven't done then for months, just presses and it hasn't made any difference with regards to the rate of growth, don't worry about them
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I quit doing dumbell flys on cable and dumbell flys on flat bench and only did BB BP and decline bench DB on my chest routine and my max has almost increased 20 KG in a few months.
Chest is also getting bigger.

So NO it does not have to be in your chest routine, you can do whatever exercises you want to =D

but they can be a great way of getting more fatigue on your chest since you are not pressing, there for not using so much triceps =)
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