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Strange routine?7902

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One of my friends does this split:

Monday: Chest and tris- 10 chest, 4-6 triceps.
Tuesday:Legs and Shoulders- 10 sets of legs, 10 shoulders
Wednesday: Back and Bi's- 12 sets back, 4-6 biceps.

All of those workouts are done anywhere from 4-8 reps.

The cycle is then repeated Thursday-Saturday with rep ranges 8-12.

is this split as optimal as a routine like PHAT? technically every things hit 2x a week as well. Diet on point too.
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GGBro private msg quote post Address this user
Sounds like a crazy routine but it doesnt seem like there is anything wrong with it. I like how he splits back and shoulder and chest and bi's. I always get drained when I do those muscle groups on the same day. Seems pretty rough only having 1 day rest after 6 days straight tho.
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kickinchicken private msg quote post Address this user
As long as he's changing some of the exercises when he works out at different rep ranges it doesn't look too bad. Maybe not the best but not bad. It really comes down to the exercises it'd look like to me.
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