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Beginner routine critique7458

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Hi guys, I've been doing a modified version of PHAT for quite awhile now and have seen good gains. I altered it to suit my preferences. I know I'm a beginner and I shouldn't be making my own routines so i hope u guys can critique it so I can change it.

Monday- Upper body power, I changed Bent over rows to deadlifts

Tuesday- Lower body power , unchanged

Wednesday- rest

Thursday- push day hypertrophy barbell bench press speed work, decline dumbbell press 3 sets of 8-12,incline barbell bench press 3 sets of 8-12, dumbbell shoulder press 3 sets 8-12, dumbbell upright rows 3 sets 8-12, rear delt flies 2 sets 8-15, tricep pushdown 5 sets 8-12

Friday - lower body hypertrophy unchanged

Saturday - pull day hypertrophy, deadlift speed work, weighted chin-ups 4 sets 6-10, seated cable rows 3 sets 8-12, close grip pulldown 3 sets 8-12, hammer curl 3 sets 12-15, barbell curl 3 sets 8-12, incline dumbbell curl 3 sets 8-12

Sunday- rest

Let me know what u think guys. This modified version is rather silly I chose the exercise without any particular reasons( just exercises I liked doing). Thx alot
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pandasashi private msg quote post Address this user
why do ppl go and change a proven thing? layne designed this the way it is for a reason, it works.
if your gonna do that crazy thursday 'push/hyper day', why are you doinf rows and rear delts? those are both pulling motions.
deadlift speedwork? how did that ever sound like a good idea? deadlift is an important compound, theyre meant to be done heavy, so go heavy and scrap the "hypertrophy deads"
saturday only has 2 bicep exercises, add more (like cheat curls, preacher curls, straight bar curls, chins, ect) also, change the weighted chins to weighted wide grip pull-ups.

you are taking two programs and fusing them together. i understand how you think this might be a good idea but chosing either PHAT or P/P/L and sticking to it will give you better results.
welcome to the boards! whats ur diet like?
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nastybeast private msg quote post Address this user
But I was told that phat is just an outline and it can be modified? Sorry as I said I'm a beginner I don't know why there can't be 2 pulling motions ? Ok I'll add in an extra biceps exercises on Saturday. I was hesitating of mixing phat and pu pull leg, but when I saw RORH doing it as well I tot it was fine. Ok then I think I'll stick to push pull leg . Thx for replying
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nastybeast private msg quote post Address this user
My diet is working really well. I'm lean bulking currently. It's been 3 months and I don't seem to have gain Any fat. Just a lil problem in trying to be really consistent in it
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nastybeast private msg quote post Address this user
Oh ok I think I misunderstood the part on rows and delt raises. I understand it now. I thought push just meant chest triceps shoulder and pull mean back biceps
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pandasashi private msg quote post Address this user
the exercises can be swapped/changed but the overall concept has to remain the same...i was just saying you had 2 pulling motions o your push day, should leave those for the pull day... rorh is an experianced lifter, he has a solid notion of how his body works and what exercises work best for him. as a begginer, you should stick to the basics. in my opinion (this is purely my thoughts, you dont have to listen, its just what i wish i had done at the start) you should stick to an even more basic program, because phat is a pretty complex/advanced program. i would stick to a basic strength program for now or stick to just hypertrophy if that is what your after. phat is mixing power with hypertrophy and can be quite taxing on the body, especially for a begginer. just a thought tho
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nastybeast private msg quote post Address this user
Yea I understand. So do u suggest that I stick solely to a push pull
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pandasashi private msg quote post Address this user
you could do P/P/L if you want.. or a basic 5X5 strength program revolving around deads, bench and squat to get the strength up and get ur body ready for more advanced programs
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NJA82 private msg quote post Address this user
Do an actual beginner program until your moving some decent numbers then and ONLY THEN move to something like PHAT, it is not for beginners, you can be making much more progress much faster on a dedicated beginner program such as starting strength or something as simple as this:

Squats 3x8-12
Bench Press 3x8-12
Bent Rows 3x8-12
Military Press 2x8-12
Stiff leg deadlifts 2x8-12
Barbell curls 2x8-12
Dips 2x as many reps as possible ( add weight as needed )

3x per week start at 8 reps for each exercise at your 10 rep max weight and add one rep each week for 5 weeks, once you can complete all the reps on each exercise add 5lb`s for upper body and 10lb`s for lower body exercises and start again back at 8 reps. If you fail to reach the 12 reps at the end of the 5th week simply restart at the same weight and go back to 8 reps and work back up again.

Simple, effective and covers the full body, do that for 6 months solid and see where your at, doesnt require the thinking that PHAT does for a beginner, spend more time lifting and less time writing programs at this stage in your training.
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pandasashi private msg quote post Address this user
^not bad advice.. a beginner program also allows you to develop a good mind-muscle connection so that when you move to a more advanced program, with more advanced movements, you will know exactly where you should feel and how to do the exercise properly so ur hitting the right areas.. the only things i would change with the above (just an opinion) is switch stiff leg deads with regular deads and switch bent over rows with T-bar rows (because they are easier to get used to for a beginner and he can focus more on his back rather than balancing and trying to remain bent over)
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