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My "Wonderful" Day with a mouse7179

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So I leave doing a job today because I have stomach cramps and in general feel awful, I did not sleep very well the night before. I return to my home a long and painful walk where I had to stop every few minutes to get my breath and wait for cramps to pass.
Ah home at last finally I can rest, nothing can go wrong now.
I lay back in my bed resting a little listening to a lecture on my ipod in its docking station.
Agh! This is too uncomfortable so I leave get out into my chair by the pc sitting back drifting hoping the day and my illness will gently pass me by.
When something else passes me by, I catch a shadow out of the corner of my eye and it disappears into a corner under my wardrobe wtf? Did I just see that?
I go over to where it disappeared and feel under there hmm a hole...
Channeling my inner MacGyver I look around the room I get a heat pillow and some dumbells and press it up against the hole and begin the waiting game.
I sweep my room for mouse or rat droppings, finding none Is tart to wonder if there is something. If there is then it is obviously very new.
Time passes my cramps continue but my feeling of general unwellness is put aside by the urgency of my task. I hear a scraping and I let it continue for a few seconds, it is coming from where I blocked the hole. I go over make a lot of noise and bang the wall to scare off any rodent. Pulling out the pillow I see something has clawed right into it, the seeds and scented crap inside spill onto the floor falling and scattering like any hope of me getting rest today.
My Dad arrives back from work with my supplies, poly filler to cover the hole traps and poison.
While waiting I googled "how to inhumanely kill a mouse" but I kept referring me to articles on how to humanely kill a mouse which of course are no use at all. My dad offers to fill up the hole with poly filler and round 2 of man vs mouse is underway.
We fill it up and place three traps right underneath it. As I eat my turkey curry I can hear it scraping every now and again, struggle you fool you will never escape! A few hours pass with me casually glancing over to the area that was sealed and then I see him, head looking down like some agent on a rope in a bad spy movie. Successful he had clawed through our attempts to entomb him and looking down he must have thought to himself "Wow that is a lot of traps" Because I saw him look at them for a few moments and then decide to take his furry ass and go back into the safety of his hole.
Putting down poison I ducktaped the whole area with tinfoil with my dad so that the only way for him was down onto traps and poison unless this guy managed to defy the laws of gravity and claw his way up through everything which at this point I was not putting past him... It is quiet for the first few minutes so I decide to plug in this sonic device we got that works on some frequency that we can't hear but is worse than listening to Justin Bieber on an out of tune radio for rodents apparently. I wait and I wait, convinced this fucker is going to decide to make a break for it while I'm asleep and I am going to hear the traps go spring out of bed naked and have to track this furry little asshole all over my room or surrender any chance of a good nights sleep. BANG "DAD THINK WE GOT IT" Struggle trash. My dad stomps up the stairs and we both sit on my bed as the mouse makes a few squeals and then this weird noise starts. almost like a clock. I look at my dad he hears it too as we both look at each other with our best WTF faces. My dad leans closer and being a cunt I scream "BANG" to see him lift about 5 feet into the air it was a miracle his head didn't smash into the ceiling. So we wait a while both talking about the horror story of how when we open it he is going to fly out hungry for human flesh, after a nervy affair of peeling abck the tinfoil we realized he was got snapped by two of the traps.
Even though I was in a lot of discomfort and this was the last thing I wanted I actually had a pretty fun day.
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Jezza_91 private msg quote post Address this user
I've sat outside a hole with a bag taped around it waiting for the mouse to jump in. After several hour it did that and was humanly removed. On an other occasion i was eating some cereal seen a mouse along the kitchen floor got peanut butter and placed it was some cereal ina box, 15 mins i see the box moving around the kitchen. The mouse was enjoying that natty peanut butter so i throw the box in my neighbours garden. lol.

You can cover a piece of wood with loads of vasaline and put treats in the middle and it will stick to the board.

Out even get a bottle large enough to fit a mouse in and place in near the hole, put chocolate in it and bang your sorted.
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oceanair private msg quote post Address this user
@IrishGymSheep for some reason when i started reading what you wrote, i thought it was going to be some kind of rhymey "night before christmas" parody (prob cuz i'm watching this michael buble christmas special) with the mouse and all. anywho, kudos for catching it. if it was me, i would've called pest control and hid in another room lol.
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jonrivs49 private msg quote post Address this user
Adventurous day man.. hehe
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