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So its been about 12 weeks and time for a bit of an update.

172lbs now 184lbs - that's 1 pound per week.

5.9% bf now 8.2%bf

Barbell Bench Press max 315x1 - Seems kinda low for me. I rep 225x15. Lingering shoulder injury comes back sometimes with heavy barbell movements so I've been using dumb bells for a very long time for chest now. But including barbells presses on every other chest hypertrophy days is helping my chest grow.

Squat 315x5 getting used to going all the way to down. Progress should keep coming

Deadlift 365x1 now 405x1 - I had not been including DL's in my workout for a long time until I started PHAT.

Measurements and pic's coming soon. I've tried to ignore 'em and just keep eating but I measured arms this week and with a good pump I'm 16 3/4in.

Current supp's are creatine mono 5g, Muscle tech protein shakes, GNC's recovery casein protein, Beta Alanine, GNC BCAA's, and C4.

I'm loving PHAT!!!
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Woooo gainnzzzzzs.

Keep it up dude! Solid improvements!
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Amazing! But work on those legs bro your squat is pretty close to bp
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@In4gainZ Yeah, I agree. My PB is 465x1 but that was a while back before my ankle and then foot injuries. And although I'm not squatting near what I'd like or think I'm possible of doing, I've been diligently squatting all the way down and as opposed to just below parallel. It makes it a bit more difficult but my hams are finally growing since the change. I believe it'd be much more impressive to get back to 465 but do it as deep as possible so I'm trying to suck it up lol.
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