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Other Programs After PHAT6800

KalletSc private msg quote post Address this user
Well after basically running PHAT for about six months, I think it is time to change things up. Overall, I'm a slow bulker...basically went from 161 to 167 over six months. For the most part, my diets been pretty strict and my gains have been lean. Every lift shot up tons. But after running this amazing program...its time to change.

Currently I am considering the following two options:

Or a 5 Day Split.

Also considering: Smolov Squat + upperbody work.

Any other good suggestions..mainly looking for a good hypertrophy program here

Overall, I am shooting to really promote some hypertrophy/strength on my legs. I've recently been pounding tons of squats and deadlifts. My upper body can always use some work too.

Eventual Goal: 170-175lbs at 8% BF


Bench: 280/315
squat: 330/375-400
Deadlift 385/ 450lbs
OHP: 180/200lbs

Cliffs: Bulking, Ran PHAT but need to change it up, wanting to add leg mass/strength.
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In4gainZ private msg quote post Address this user
6 lbs in 6 months?
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brian12 private msg quote post Address this user
@KalletSc Look into DC - I'm loving it! PHAT is super high volume, might be good to switch to something lower volume, and that will of course help with adding strength/size to your legs. But beware - it's brutal..

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FijiSotia private msg quote post Address this user
I was reading about the Smolov Squat routine a few days ago, it looks amazingly fun haha If I were you I'd go with that
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KalletSc private msg quote post Address this user
@In4Gainz...yes you read that right at times slightly heavier. Slow bulking is the key to staying lean. From what I've read, the body can only add .25lbs of dry muscle tissue per week under *perfect* circumstances (natural)...unless you're a beginner or on the gear. So essentially, bulking hardcore at a pound per week is more gains of fat/water weight. It's more of a preference thing. I just don't like cutting much lol.

@Brian1, thanks for the link! i've actually been looking at DC, Max-OT, and HST as well. Right now I am really liking the idea behind the Smolov though. But since today's a rest day, nothings certain until tomorrow lol. Brutality is what I want. Gotta feel the pain to gain.

@FijiSotia: I feel like i'm going to do it lol.
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AverageJoe private msg quote post Address this user
German volume training all the way!
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KalletSc private msg quote post Address this user
@flexdec are you still running that PHAT styled Push Pull Legs? Honestly that was an option i was also considering.
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kickinchicken private msg quote post Address this user
Push/Pull/Legs is a good set-up. Im not a fan of Max-OT. Strength went up a bit but very minimal mass gains. And very boring. And the German Volume training is awesome stuff. Why not stay with PHAT since you have gained 6 lean pounds on it and just adjust it to a push/pull/ legs routine. I do believe @skullay is on a routine like that. I was thinking about doing the same.
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