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a quad problem....6688

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Three days ago I trained my legs and started with riding a bicycle for 5 min. after that I took some warm ups with the bar and kept adding small weight
I usually do 4x8 with 60KG, that day I did 3x8 with 70KG and thought that was pretty amazing for me haha. Got so much energy from doing that and I wanted to go higher on that last set. I did 10 reps with 80 KG!! Felt pretty good because I lost a lot of blood from my head and arms and got a little bit dizzy. I literally gave 100% on squats that day, I could not possibly do another rep with 80 KG.
I also did some other things like leg press, leg extensions, hamstring curls (or whatever its called)
and when I got home I got this pain in my left quad. Not like sore or anything, but a small pain felt at the botton of my quad, right over the knee, and when I flexed or even walked, I felt it going upwards the quad a few inches and it's not really big deal, but have had it for 3 days now, got worried :/

It's getting more normal each day now, but it felt like I teared my quad with a knife or something
Any advice? Has anyone experienced this?
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WinnersNeverQuit private msg quote post Address this user
Go see a doctor
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Dukenhiemer private msg quote post Address this user
Go see a doctor.
If you don't want to, take at least a week off from legs and see how you feel.
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