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Hello there, i'm trying build up my chest muscles due to them being flat. Currently I am only doing push ups.

15 normal push ups
15 military push ups (hand width = shoulder width)
15 diamond push ups

These will be done as one set, and I do 3 sets.

Are there anymore pushups or work outs that I can possibly do to build my pecs. Preferably no weights please. If you do know any work outs involving weights please share too.

And also due to me being a bit of a thin guy, what foods should I eat and at what time of day should I eat them.
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McQueef private msg quote post Address this user
Why the aversion to weights?

Flat Barbell Bench Press should give you the best results.
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If you want to achieve hypertrophy in your chest, you need to progressively overload your pec muscles. The best way to do this is from lifting. I'm sorry, but I really don't think only doing pushups will create the look you are going for.

Do yourself a favor and get a gym membership. If you want to get started working out, I highly suggest starting with a full body routine. Only working out your chest will do nothing for you, and is plain silly. There are tons of beginner full body routines out there on the interwebz, a quick google search lead me to this

As for your diet, if you are looking to put on size, you need a caloric surplus. You also need to intake a reasonable percentage of protein. Depending on your weight, I'd suggest anywhere from .75-1g of protein per pound that you weigh. Fats are important for hormone production, you should keep them around 20-30% of your daily intake of calories. If you're trying to gain weight, I can't express the importance of doubling your protein intake with carbs. For example, you intake 150g protein, I suggest eating 300+g carbs, ect.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now
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Imbloodythin private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks a lot for your help, and yes of course I do work out my other muscles but its as though the hardest is my chest. I will see to it that I get a memebership ASAP thanks for your help
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If your going to just do push-ups, add something to it like weight on ur back, an incline or negatives. My reccomendation would be to go down as slow and controlled as u can, pause and hold (still contracting at the bottom) and then explode back up. Just doing a few sets of 15 rep body weight push ups won't get you very far. But I spose it's better than nothing :p
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