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Hey all, i was wondering if you could give me any advice about a routine i wrote for myself since im getting back into the gym soon when i go back home from overseas. bit of a blend of phat and push/pull/legs

BB bench, 3 x 3-5
Shoudler press, 3 x 5-6
Dips, 2 x 5-6
Flies, - 2 x 8
Lateral raises - 2 x 8
Skullcrushers - 2 x 8


Deadlift, 3 x 3-5
Bent over rows, 3 x 3-5
Weighted chins, 3 x 5-6
Shrugs - 2 x 8
Barbell curls 2 x 8


Squats, 3 x 3-5
Stiff leg deadlifts, 3 x 5-6
Walking lunges, 3 x 5-6(each leg)
Leg extensions, 2 x 8
Calf raises, 2 x 8-10


Barbell bench, 6 x 3
Bent over row, 6 x 3
Shoulder press, 3 x 8-10
Weighted chins, 3 x 8-12
Barbell curls 2 x 10
Skullcrushers 2 x 10
Shrugs, 2x 10-12


Squats, 6 x 3
Stiff leg deadlifts, 3 x 8-10
leg press, 3 x 8 - 10
leg extension, 2 x 10-12
leg curls, 2 x 10-12
Calf raises, 2 x 10-12
calf raises (leg press machine), 2 x 10-15

However, now that im looking at it... im starting to wonder why i just dont do PHAT... hmmm.

also, anyone ever tried to fit PHAT or something similar into monday to friday? im trying to figure it out but it just aynt happening for me.
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NorIda private msg quote post Address this user
@AaronStennor Has A 4 day PHAT split, and @Eventheodds does PHAT all week long, with his recovery days on sat/sun

So its doable man
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oceanair private msg quote post Address this user
i'm glad someone finally spelled "critique" right.
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brian12 private msg quote post Address this user
I think three power days is over kill. Add two days pf hypertrophy ontop and you wont have enough time to recover. Rather do upper.lower ~ two power days then rest and then two hyp days^^
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