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Weaker side of the chest?6086

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Hi guys i have this little problem with my chest in that my right side is noticibly weaker and it gives out before left side. Its mostly a problem when im barbell benching because 1) i can't go to heavy incase my right side suddnly gives up and 2) i probably use the left side to compensate for the weakness.
I started using dumbells instead of barbells to solve this problem. But at this point now i'm using the heaviest db's (gym doesnt go up too heavy) and if i wan't to progress il have to start bench pressing again.
Has anyone had this problem? If so what did you do to deal with it and fix it?
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The Dark
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Slow down your rep timing on DB's. Pre-exhaust with flies. Find a gym with heavier DBs or talk to your current one about getting heavier ones. -3X
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