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DoggCrapp(DC)training vs PHAT5939

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in terms of just hypertrophy which program should yield the most benefits? I know its comparing apples to oranges and that everyone is different in terms of what programs work best for them, but im just curious to see yalls opinions especially because they do have a few similarities such as working body parts twice a week and incorporating heavy loads at lower volume.
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In my personal opinion I find I have gotten better hypertrophy results from PHAT (my version where I do a couple exercises for power/strength and then hypertrophy training during the remainder of the session but I still hit each group twice a week)

As far as strength, I was much stronger while I was doing DC training but I was also much larger at around 215-220lbs (long bulk on DC) where as now Im 166 (as of this morning) but quite lean so its not fare to compare the two because of this factor.

I would suggest that you pick one and sick with it for at least 12 weeks and see how you like it but remember that with both these styles if you are planning on gaining size your diet/hitting your macros and getting adequate rest will still be what determines your overall success.

Train to grow, eat to recover and get a good night sleep.

Best of luck!
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Both excellent - I love the rest-pause method in Doggcrapp, it really allows you to progress fast.

The one thing I don't like about doggcrapp (in terms of hypertrophy) is reduced frequency in the gym.

A similar program that is by far my favorite program out there is HCT 12. Google HCT 12pdf and take a look. This is a nice compromise between the two, because you will have more volume and 4 days in the gym rather than 3.
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thanks for the input LVjack and brian12. iv done PHAT and loved it so i figured id switch it up. the only problem with DC id that i know how much i love being in the gym so 3 days a week with such low volume would be rough mentally. But i will definitely check out HCT12!
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Yeah have a look at HCT12 or look at what I'm doing in my my other thread - combining DC with a PHAT style power/hyp

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