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5' 11" and 85kg (188lbs I think) and about 13-14% body fat

New here, have been training for a while but have been struggling to get the results I've wanted, particularly due to sporting injuries, now I've given up the contact sports and gonna try and hit some goals in the gym.

... read the PHAT article and it just made sense to me.

Starting it on Monday, pretty excited!
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Well first power day done and dusted, probably about 80 mins in the gym, which is a bit more than I usually like, but considering it hits the whole upper body that's pretty rad!

Feeling good right now, some of the sets and rep ranges turned towards hypertrophy numbers, but the reps will drop as I figure out my weights a bit more accurately, plus I'm nursing a slight shoulder twinge so didn't want to go crazy on the weights, AND my training partner bailed on the first day of our new program!!!

Pendlay Rows - 80kg x 6/6/6r
Wgt pull ups - 16kg x 6/6
Close grip lat p/ds - 84kg x 6/6
Flat DB BP 36kg x 5/6/6
Wgt dips - 8kg x 8/8
Lateral Raises - 8kg x 20/20/20
EZ curls - 32kg x 10/10/8 (super set with tri's)
Rope Tri p/ds - 54 x 8/8/8

It's going to be the bane of my life that I didn't put an apostrophe in the title of this thread... NOO!!!
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Right on man, glad to see another log up! Phat is awesome! Keep it up!
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Need more big lifts/presses...
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This is almost exactly as Layne recommends, although the weights do need to come up a bit, except I've gone with Lateral raises instead of Shoulder Press which I think he suggests in one of the videos as my tri's were already dying after dips.

@pandasashi Do you think I should stick with the shoulder press?
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So yesterday was leg day - I enjoyed it muchly...

Deadlifts - 120kg x 5, 130kg x 5/5
Box Front Squats (more on this later) - 90kg x 5/5, 70kg x 10
Leg Ext - 145 x 10, 155 x 9
Lying Leg Curls - 120 x 8, 100 x 10
Standing Calf Raise - 133 x 10/10/7
Seated Calf Raise - 105 x 10/10

Question time!!

1) Box Front Squats - this was kind of an experiment, I know normally box squats would be done with a Back squats, but they seem pretty good... Is there any cardinal sin I'm committing by doing these? I did notice the temptation is to rock forward so your weight is over your toes which makes it easier, but if you don't do this it's reasonably challenging and my quads feel pretty well worked today.

2) It was good to have leg curls back in the mix as I've neglected them a bit lately, do you think these will help my squat/DL in the long run or should I replace them with stiff legged dead lifts?

3) I want more big lifts - Next time I'm thinking of going: Deadlifts x 3, Back squats x 2-3, Front squats x 2-3 is this too many 'big' compound lifts in one day on PHAT?

would a better option be: Deadlifts x 3, Front or Back Squats x 2-3, Leg press x 2 ??

Otherwise a great leg day, calves, quads, hamis nice and tender today...


Today has been a good day nutrition wise, I've found lately that after a solid period of eating really well, I intentionally gave myself some slack over the last weekend.

Well, you know what they say... "give me an inch, and I'll take... some Big Macs, cheesecake, chocolate, blah blah blah"... needless to say I had a nice diet holiday but probably set myself back a few weeks.

however, now that I'm back (off "holiday" I've found it very easy to slip up (say, once per day and make a bad decision - eating left over lasagne or something like that) I think mentally if you let your guard down once it's that much easier to do time and time again.

Anyway, lesson learned, diet has been good today and I plan on keeping it that way for the next 12 weeks.

Today is cardio and core so don't think I'll need to post up about it..

Thanks for stopping by!
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1) I have never heard of box front squats. The idea seems silly to me!

2). Theres no reason you cant be Doing leg curls and stiff leg deads. Yes stronger hammies will help your squats

3) in my experience. If your wanting to do that many "core" lifts, and have to ask if its ok. You're likely not an experienced lifter, which means you're going to overtrain, get discouraged and quit. Phat itself is a pretty taxing routine. Unless you know your body, and smart substitutes, I'd keep the routine pretty close to how it is. At least for 6 weeks or so!
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Well I said I wouldn't post again today, but I lied... Did some cardio - meh nothing exciting...

going to put some goals down on paper... or whatever the virtual equivalent may be.


I'm setting myself until the end of the year to achieve:
1) less than 10% body fat
2) Deadlift 1RM 400lb

DL goal may be steep, 113lb increase from my working weight in 12 weeks, but hey! it's a goal - I figure I haven't done much DL'n before + if I train with a lot of exercises to specifically help improve DL's I may have a chance. I have no idea how rapidly/slowly I'll improve but even if I fall short at least I will have improved dramatically.
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First Hypertrophy day on PHAT

Feeling pretty good, expecting there to be crippling back DOMS over the next few days.

Ate a bit much when I got home from the gym, but I reckon it'll all be put to use... muscles must have been crying for nutrients - haven't done high volume like that in a while.

Hoping to get some pics up tomorrow, although they are really just my starting point so wont be looking flash, although that might motivate me for some rapid improvement!
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Two workouts to log. from yesterday and today. probably not going to log weights as I can't be bothered, and I don't think people really care that much, will just keep posting my power day weights - particularly Deadlift...

(yesterday) Hypertrophy leg day - this was insane... pretty much went a bit crazy and think I may be walking stiff legged for the next few weeks... ok not that bad, but it was a great workout. Massive endorphin rush afterwards.

Had to leave out the calf stuff and am thinking that I'm going to do calf and abs on my 2 rest days as the workouts are slightly too long for me to fit into my schedule.

Today legs are feeling pretty stiff.

Hypertrophy Chest and Arms - good day again, really like the workout, arms are f**ked right now.

Tomorrow is "day off" or as it is now known - Cardio / Abs / Calves

Really enjoying PHAT so far.

Have started using MyFitnessPal to track calories as of today so the cut has officially begun!!

Next stop sub 9% body fat
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