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"Upper Chest" serious thread5879

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I'm confused, please excuse my lack of being up to date with the latest do's and don'ts, but it seems that it's not cool to talk about "upper chest"?

I even did a search on it, but there were too many threads which came back to read. Most people just use it as a joke reference, saying it's "broscience" with little explanation as to why.

I guess I risk being labelled a troll or a newb by asking this, but hey, if I can't ask my questions on a forum then why am I here.

Can someone please explain to me why you're not allowed to talk about "upper chest"???
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It's not that it's not allowed, you'll get flamed for it for sure.
To quote EK, a muscle contracts completely or it doesn't contract at all. The pectoralis major is ONE muscle, therefore, incline presses really have no benefit other than purely aesthetic purposes.
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Yeeeah... I'm not entirely convinced... (excuse the long post)

It's hard to ask questions without sounding like I'm picking a fight, but I'm not, I'm just unsure why "upper chest" ain't gettin' no love any more :-P

Soo Pec Major is one muscle, however it's quite unique in that it inserts over the entire sternum and most of the clavicle - meaning the angle of the fibres change DRASTICALLY from one end to the other.

Now, muscles contract only, completely agree, however they do contract to varying degrees of length depending upon how far through the joints range of motion you are.

I can't think of any similar examples elsewhere in the body, but I'll try to say what I mean anyway...

So, if you contract Pec Major doing flat bench press you will contract the entire muscle.

Inclining the bench will lessen the involvement of the muscles which don't contract to create an upward movement of the weight (all the muscle fibres whose angle of pennation is below parallel).

Therefore doesn't the "upperchest" get worked harder than the "lower chest"?
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david12345676 private msg quote post Address this user
^ much to learn if you think that is a long post hahaha

welcome to the boards @op
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Zyzzst private msg quote post Address this user
much respect to you for coming on these forums and asking serious questions and presenting valid arguments....I am on the same mindset as you. I do understand that the chest contracts as one muscle, but i also believe the fibers get worked harder at an incline....i am not a science wiz or anatomy wiz and i really dont care to argue about it....but if i do inclines and my chest keeps getting better....then i will keep on doing them but its not like if you just do incline presses your whole life your upper chest will be defined and your lower wont be hahahaha that is just stupid to assume
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The Dark
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Irrespective of how the fibers run, a basic rule of anatomy- one that does not and can not change- is that a muscle either contracts fully or not at all from its point of origin to its point of insertion. The only "exception" to this rule isn't even an exception, and it occurs in muscles such as the triceps where you have a different point of origin or insertion. Otherwise, your brain sends an electrical impulse that starts at origin and ends at insertion, and is the same for every fiber. In the case of the chest, the point of insertion is the same for EVERY fiber of the pectoralis- it's on the humerus. I've linked several EMG studies that show- without any question- that angle of inclination can not recruit more fibers in one area of the chest than another. -3X
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Oh you have @eknight?
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The Dark
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Lol, sarcasm- one of @JJ3065's many talents. -3X
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Piggles private msg quote post Address this user
Dammit! I've already learned not to disagree with you eknight!

Ok, yeah, this is actually fairly obvious when you think about it... my bad!

Man, I'm learning so much! No more annoying questions - I promise!

This ain't no sissy anatomy forum! time to get massive!
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Ek will teach you about human body more than your high school biology teacher.
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