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im so confused Need someones help "newbie"5709

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hey guys, kinda new to this whole workout and diet things and im struggling so much. here's why i've been pretty down lately because im not like others at school. im pretty muscly in my upper body i have nice shoulders and chest and my abs are showing, so is my lower legs. i also seem very skinny when you look at me side on, but when you look at me face on im skinny until i hit my hips(they are so wide) i just turned 15 and im 64kg.

everyone at school even the fat kids don't have wide hips like mine my behind is kinda big aswell, when im walking down the corridor i look at myself in the window and see my reflection and its not good. im also short and skinny till i hit my hips. though everyone walking with me is different unlike me even the fat people, im so confused why am i skinny till i hit my hips.

I also want to know what is a good diet for me to get rid of my fat on my hips and butt and what workouts will serve me well. it would be much appreciated because im sure almost every single one of yous have better knowledge than me on what is good for me.

i was wondering im in year 10, but i should be in year 9 and as i said before im around 65kg and 15 years old pretty normal except quite short compared to others in my year level. i want a diet and excercise routine that will help me get as lean as possible i want to be like very skinny, but also muscular like (bruce lee). i get so confused on these kinds of websites because i barely know anything the articles say.

i play a lot of sports at school and i play my heart out at lunch and recess playing soccer, however im still kinda just skimming over the average weight for a 15 year old (i Think).

If you could point me in the right direction and not just tell me there are forums and such and such that will help me without actually telling me the name.

Please help me out the best thing you can do is find me a diet to follow that you think will help me and a excercise routine(one without going to the gym because i don't want to go to the gym just yet cause im to young). Im so confused! If you decide to help me out my email is feel free to send me anything that might help. I can't thank you enough for just reading this let alone replying!

Thank you Sincerely!

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wtf did i just watch?
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BaiTu private msg quote post Address this user
I'm not sure what you're asking here.

I feel like maybe you're just trolling but....

My advice for you is to do push-ups. You say you want to be lean.

You should be able to do 100 push-ups at a time.

If you want to be lean and strong I'd work on that goal.

Also work on doing pull-ups.

For your goals, these body weight exercises should help you achieve what you want.

Don't worry about the shape of our legs. That may just be genetic and you haven't given too much other information for us to go on.
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Definitley trolling youve already posted this to which i answered too
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@AarronStenner agreed
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AarronStenner private msg quote post Address this user
@NorIda thanks for the evidence. I was to lazy to search haha
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