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Ok basically I have naturally quite big legs and have no desire to really increase there size (call be a little bitch I dont care!) I like being able to wear slimmer fitting trousers and jeans and have no desire to ever compete.

I do however like having powerful legs for the sports I play such as rugby. I am currently on Dr Nortons PHAT regime and was wondering if I took out lower body hypertrophy but kept in lower body power what effect this would have on my legs size wise.

I also understand that exercises such as squats raise test levels resulting in full body muscle growth so will not doing lower body hypertrophy affect this?

Cheers, YB
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I'm no expert but maybe you could replace lower body hypertrophy with a 2nd lower body power day?
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test levels only raise slightly while doing squats - nothing to make someone that neglets legs to do them. Your legs would still grow from heavy squats etc just not as quick as they would if you were doing hypertrophy as well. Infact, if i remember correctly heavy qeights for legs is what made layne's legs grow, not so much the hypertrophy, because as he said you'll probably never see anyone with chicken legs doing heavy squats
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Ok cheers guys
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