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What is the benefit of bench pressing using a power rack, where you lower the bar onto the rack so it is resting, and then pushing the bar up? Is it a power exercise because you have to explode the bar up from stationary?

Also, what benefit would this exercise have on my bench press, and does any recommend using this exercise to bulk up and improve strength?
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Safe,less injuries,great development of strength,explosive movements - bill krazier was a fun of it.
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I think it helps target a week point of your bench press
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The Dark
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Most people do not get stuck a few inches off their chest when they bench press. It's the lockout portion of the lift that creates problems. Rack lockouts (as well as board and floor presses) allow you to handle heavier weight than full ROM, developing better lockout strength. Keep I'm mind, too, that these movements are often used by powerlifters who get a little help off the bottom by wearing bench shirts. -3X
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