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Almost had a fight at walmart lol5383

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With a lady... yes I am NOT proud. I just happened to cut someone to avoid getting rear-ended, and the driver behind me goes bat shit crazy, so I am uber pissed when someone give me attitude, so I fly the finger. Long story short, I walk up to brawl, and it happens to be a lady, so I try to apologize and explain I had to cut, but she gives me attitude so we get epic titanic clash inside walmart (just verbal, not a single punch was thrown that day).

It was kind of sad b/c everyone was peaking at us with that look of 8 years old when he goes to the amusement park for the first time, and no one wants to confront nothing these days, so I thought well shit, thank me for your entertainment today pussies, and I walked off. The funniest part was when black employee yelled "woooweee walmart battle!!! channel 10 news today baby!!!" You know, I would have never been able to confront nobody before I lifted; let's all teach our sons how to lift iron when we get a few so he can fight back a middle aged lady giving him attitude. Glorious!
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Haha! Idk if you deserve a high five, or a high five with a chair... To the face.

Makes me laugh that you try to apologise and the bitch goes crazy. Haha. Like you admit you were in the wrong, and she couldn't live with it.

Peopleofwalmart ftw!

Confidence isn't always a good thing haha.
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if being smacked with a chair in the face increases my squat and dead weights, I will take it lol
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Probly just some crazy bitch that had it coming.... somehow i always end up dating these type...
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Fuck you!, no fuck you bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not racist but i guess it was WHITE TRASH or black lady.
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