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Need some explanation of PHAT5247

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Hi, Been doing Dr. Norton's PHAT for about couple days, and I find it quite effective as I customize it on my own for best results.

One thing I don't get clearly is:

*Why do we need speed workout?
*Noticed that power days still contained auxiliary and assist exercises that ranged for 6-10 reps. Why can't we just do all days like the power day where I do some exercises for power (3-5reps) and carry out aux. & assist. exercises (eg. lat raises or flies) along with them for 6-10 rep?
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Speedwork has already been Discussed/Explained in this thread

6-10 reps promotes strength gains, the ~8-15 promotes Hypertrophy ie muscle growth.

If you want to do a power routine, do a power routine, don't screw around with PHAT
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i guess that means don't customize it too much; i think will hybrid it a bit. focusing 3-5reps on big workouts like bench press and shoulder presses and targeting 6-10 reps on less compound lifts like lat raises, glute raises, flies, curls, etc. We'll see how this goes.
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