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is PHAT worth it? wrestlers get in here(srs)5199

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ive been thinking about starting it. ive read most the article but not all (i know the basics) of it due to my 100+ hrs work schedule these 2 weeks, but im a 2 year varisty wrestler in highschool im about to be a junior, and i want to know if any other wrestlers have tried this routine and how it has affected them. even if u dont wrestle has ur power increased as well as weight? does it create a good strength/power:weight ratio? any advice would be helpful im all ears for knowledge.
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Phat is AMAZING for wrestlers! I would run it to the T on your off season so like spring/summer.

During Wrestling season I would do a Strength ONLY program...ABSOLUTELY NOOOOO NEED to build ANY size while its wrestling season! you want to stay SMALL AND STRONG AS FUCK! The Hypo Part of phat is to help you gain muscle size. That is NOT important to a wrestler...ONLY the strength portion is important for wrestling!

So I would do the strength Part of Phat then do cardio and wrestling technique for days 4-6 instead of the Hypo part of Phat....
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yes totally. it's amazing how much it can help you to push yourself and get strong as fuark. i didn't do wrestling, but MMA was my thing, and I bet I can do ground better with better strength although a lot of it is techniques too.
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