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Johnny's Laye Norton P.H.A.T Log4984

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Ok guys, iv been sort of lost the last 2 weeks.

After finishing my 3-4 week low rep + 30-40% more weight workout regiment 2 weeks ago (which had great results), iv spent the last 2 weeks pretty un-productively. I came off some of the supps (natural) iv been using due to running out and wanting a break from them to detox before the next programme, and have dropped the weight, concentrated on form and not stuck to any particular schedule.

So last week i decided im going to hit the P.H.A.T Routine, hard. With today being day 1. Went to the Bodyactive shop this morning to restock my supps, and had the first session this afternoon.

Heres my stats from today:

Pendlay rows
1. 70kg x 5
2. 70kg x 5
3. 70kg x 5
Weighted Pull ups (close grip, palms in)
1. BW + 20kg plate on belt x 7
2. BW + 20kg plate on belt x 7
Wide Grip Pull Ups
1. BW + 20kg plate on belt x 7
2. BW + 20kg plate on belt x 6
Pressing Power Movement: Flat dumbbell presses
1. 35kg x 6
2. 37.5kg x 5
3. 37.5kg x 5
Weighted dips
1. BW + 20kg plate on belt x 10
2. BW + 20kg plate on belt x 10
Seated dumbbell shoulder presses
1. 25kg x 7
2. 27.5kg x 6
3. 27.5kg x 6
Auxiliary curling movement: Cambered bar curls
1. EZ Curl + 35kg x 7
2. EZ Curl + 35kg x 7
3. EZ Curl + 35kg x 7
Auxiliary extension movement: Skull crushers
1. EZ Curl + 25kg x 7
2. EZ Curl + 25kg x 7
3. EZ Curl + 25kg x 7

Completed the session in 70 minutes, going to up all the weights next time round for sure, just had 2 days off and just come back on the supps today so will be back in the swing of it in a day or 2.

Will be updating once a week with pictures, stats, and weights log.

Iv just completed my LV2 fitness instructor course, starting my PT course any day now so i intend to stack the mass on, shred up even more and push my strength up. I want to get a professional photo shoot done in the near future so im hoping this workout will give me some crazy gains.

Diet is on track, high protein high carbs, 5 meals a day.

Supps are a follows:
Afterglow protein (post workout)
PHD Pharma gain (inbetween meals)
PHD Pharma Whey (pre workout)
Contolled Labs Green Bulge creatine caps
Black China Labs Straight mass
OilO caps

Current stats:
21 YO

Excited for the results keep tuned in yo!!

Current Pic

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Swayz87 private msg quote post Address this user
IN! Lookin SOLID BRO! you got a good base here!!!

Whats you Cals lookin like???

Also good first workout BUT next week make sure ANNNNYYY lift you can do 5 reps of you need to ADD more weight the next set! NEVER lift two sets in a row where you do the same weight and can do atleast 5 reps...

BUT I think you were just trying to get back into it and shi sooo ya as for this 1st week your doing fine! but next week DEF step it up!
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SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user
hell yeah dude. Phat is amazing. I'll be on some type of it for the majority of the rest of my life haha. I did It for some solid weeks and now on RJs modified version. Amazing program it is. Your in great shape also. Lookin solid and lean with good size. Can't wait to see your results. I know they will be great!!! Good luck to yah
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JohnnyBeGood private msg quote post Address this user
I got one question guys, on the hypertrophy days, how does the speed work go?

Pulling Power Exercise speed work:
6 sets of 3 reps with 65-70% of normal 3-5 rep max

How long do you rest between sets? Obviously if its only 3 reps of 65-70% it wont be hard, or is that the a warm up? or do you only rest for afew seconds inbetween sets?
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stewie private msg quote post Address this user
According to Layne, you should not rest more than 90s.

I always take the 70% weight and rest 30-60s
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JohnnyBeGood private msg quote post Address this user
Just done Day 2 workout: Lower Body Power Day

Session went good, hamstrings feeling a little sore already from the straight leg deadlifts (not an exercise i usually do though).

Tomorrow is a rest day, however my recovery times are 1-2 days MAX at the moment with my current diet so if im feeling good, im tempted to do the Back & Shoulders hypertrophy day, and rest on tuesday before the next legs session.
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JohnnyBeGood private msg quote post Address this user
Sorry about the delay bro's!!

Got some sick progress pics for y'all! Just finished week 2, absolutely loving it, body is starting to thicken out real good and its also shredding me right up.

Weight is around the same, however iv definitely lowered in BF slightly. One very weird thing has happened, my weight used to fluctuate by upto 3-4lbs in a day, however since starting this workout regiment its stayed constant with little to now fluctuations. Im feeling big day to day now, rather than just feeling big when im pumped up.

Had to get some snaps in new vest as well.

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JohnnyBeGood private msg quote post Address this user
one question aswell, in week 3 now, are you supposed to vary some of the exercises every few weeks to keep the confusion?
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Zyzzst private msg quote post Address this user
no...only vary every 8-12 weeks
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