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Awkward "Thing" While riding stationary Bike4975

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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo for my warm^ I usually perform about 5 mins on a cardio machine too get all hott n sweaty, do some foam rolling to get my joints lubed up, and finnnnnnnnaly stretching too feel it allllllll over my body. The cardio machine of my choice is the stationary bike but for some reason the way it feels on my junk gives me a HUGE boner.... I know gross, sorry but I need your help. What machine should I do instead of stationary bike for same results but no boner??????

Uhhhhhhh It is so embarrassing and gets me all like red in the face because all the hot chicks n stuff are in the cardio room with their big sexy tits n butts then I stand up and there all like OMG grooooooos duuuuude. Uhg Uhg Uhg waaaaa help me pwitty pweese!!!!!!
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Ummm lmaoooooo. Shit troll??Wait till ss detectives strike.
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Ben777 private msg quote post Address this user
SRORH alert
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NorIda private msg quote post Address this user
Umm, use a treadmill IMO. You'll be floppin all around instead of grinding on yourself on the bike.

If your serious, that's shitty. Ride a bike, find a babe. Profit?
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cassious private msg quote post Address this user
hahahaha sorry for laughing bro but it would be great in a comedy movie. It could be cause of your prostate gland? ya know sitting and moving, hit up the doctor bro just to be safe. Try skipping? if you aint into treadmills.
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