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Completely Lost my Rage (LOL)4931

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WOW...... I got a story too tell (grab some BCAAs so you don't go catabolic)

Today was a VERY difficult day for me to get motivated for the gym. I woke up early to help move a buddy back into his apt for college. Took us 9 long hours and I was exhausted at the end. I knew I was going to work out because I never skip a workout but just needed to chill and get my mind right before. Seriously Dwatson's Quote I read helped out so much because that REALLY got me amped x10. Anyways, I got in the right mind set and was jammin and raging to the gym ready to blast legs. I did 10 crazy sets of speed sets on squats and was feeling darn good, blood flowing, sweat going, crazy pump and real proud of myself for manning up to have a great workout. Anyways... I take a sec too look around and see this guy maybe in his 40s and in a tank top, pretty ripped also and taller then me. He seemed to have A LOT of energy, kinda like it was his 1st time taking a pre workout or something hahaha. He looked like one of those guys looking to talk to everyone and critique on form and what not. I don't talk to ppl in the gym, just ear phones and rage. Right away I thought ohhhhh lord, if someone came up too me about form today I would loose it and snap on them.... One time I had a guy I was training with and some other dude came up to critique his from and I lost it and cussed him and told him to get the hell out (dude was a foot taller then me to but he got so scared). Anyways back too the story... This energetic guy I saw was just doing his thing pacing and talking blah blah blah. I am in my second workout doing front squats for the first time feeling great.
** See there is a difference if I actually want advice on form, or if I know you and you come to me about it. If I don't know you it is just not cool haha it seriously insults my intelligence and I feel dumb, making me pissed basically.

NOW before I tell the climax of this story I need to tell you a little bit about myself. HAHA Seriously if anyone of you shred heads met me you would think I am the goofiest mo fo alive. I laugh at basically everything and am one goofy mo fo. I am a living breathing troll everywhere I go basically and have never took a convo seriously in my life (other then gym stuff and career stuff). HOWEVER, if I dont know someone and I am in a sort of "tired state" and they come at me wrong I will seriously snap and if they want to come at me well that is on them because straight up I am the baddest SOB you will ever meet and ill come at you 2x harder and there is no one on this planet that can take me down.

SO anyways Climax time:
I finished my set of front squats. Look over and the energetic take top dude and he was waving his hands looking all funny. I take out my ear phones and stare at the dude because I already kinda know what the hell he said and thought to my self... shit, there is no stopping this, if he stands up I am going right for him and he will drop. So I am in my stare and here is the exact convo we had:

(a lot of cursing here... so children or virgin ears leave now)

--- my chest flares up and I am talking like a bitch ahahah

ME: "What the fuck did you say bro"
Tank Top: "Oh I was just wondering if that hurt your back:
ME: Fuck no it don't hurt my back, why don't you worry about your little pussy workout.
Tank Top: I just wanted to know if it hurt your back.
ME: You mother fucker you, does that Dumb shit your doing hurt your back? You know what I don't care get the fuck outta here you dumb ass bich.

HAHAHAHAH WOOOOOOOW. I look around and ppls jaws were dropped like WOW who the hell is this kid. I saw my boys in the corner and they didn't see or hear any of it because they had head phones in doing a set. But ppl were stunned.

In all honesty I felt bad about the incident and I hardly EVER loose my cool but it was an accident waiting too happen. It just all happened so fast and there was nothing stopping it. Dude came at me wrong.... I am not saying I wasn't in the wrong hahahha BUT WOW!!!!

what a day, what a day
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NorIda private msg quote post Address this user

I HATE people, random people, Who try to talk to me in the gym!

One phaggot in particular does a set on a machine.. then sits there... and smiles.. while watching me.. I'd say everyone in the gym, but its usually just me in there... Phucker sits there.. smiles for five minutes, does a light set... stares and smiles... i want to knee him in the face everytime...

anyways.. i can totally relate. STFU and mind your own business in the gym! hahaha. When I'm done lifting and my earphones are out, come at me.. But if i'm lifting, GTFO! haha
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SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user
hahahah When I am in the gym I am pure rage and I don't see anything but weight and I am just amped.. Dont talk to anyone and I am mean...

Funnything is I went to vitamin shoppe and saw this dude in there that works out at my gym and I was like Hey man!! what is up?? You buyin some protein? haha I said it all funny and he looked at me all confused like WOW he actually is not so mean after all. My friends know that is how it is and just leave me the fuck alone hahahah.

I just can't believe I lost it like that though... Hardly EVER happens... I was shocked after and was like WTF did I do???
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NorIda private msg quote post Address this user
Haha, I'm the same way. I dont say a word. But when I'm done, I can have a convo with anyone lol.
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Thor private msg quote post Address this user
It's all good bro, we all have our moments. The best thing to do is just apologise, it makes you feel way better.
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DavidP94 private msg quote post Address this user
Starers are the worst type of humans. I stare every now and then unintentionally - someone punch me in the face
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MrMailliw private msg quote post Address this user
Sick story, proper LOLed
Hate average gym goers because there is no arguing with them because they THINK they are right on topics I KNOW I am right on (not big headed, I just know I have put in the research).

I argued with this guy, who was used to be friends with my big bro, about chest (@eknight will love this one).

He was willing to bet £100 that the chest was 2 separate muscles and that - here is the good bit - "inner" chest was one of them hahahahaaa

He was all talk because he never actually bet, in the end he just walked off to do cable flyes so he could get a huge "inner" chest..... :/
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Dragonian private msg quote post Address this user
haha thats fucking hilarious man! everyone flips out once in a while, I do loads but its because my friends wind me up on purpose as they no i turn into a raging psychopath and take it out on the nearest object and never them!
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Thor private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by MrMailliw

He was willing to bet £100 that the chest was 2 separate muscles and that - here is the good bit - "inner" chest was one of them hahahahaaa

Clearly wrong, there's at least five chest muscles. Inner, upper, lower, outer and mid. Glad to see you set him straight.
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Dexdbest private msg quote post Address this user
I hate starers. I train at home most of the time but whenever i train at a public gym i just hate guys who stare. Nobody ever comes up in my face coz i never look at anybody, inbw sets i just stare at the ground, look in the mirror or look at pictures of bodybuilders in my phone for motivation. If you say shit to me ill simply give you the finger and continue my workout. The set waits for no man.
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johon6 private msg quote post Address this user
GET IN............GET DONE.........GET OUT

nuff said
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dwatson private msg quote post Address this user
Wish i could've been there
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skullay private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah, I work out alone and I can't remember the last time someone tried to correct me on form randomly. Sometimes when I ask for a spot or when someone is working in with me and sharing the equipment they'll ask why I do something a certain way. I guess I'm a pretty chill guy in general, but if you come at me the wrong way I'll have a smart ass remark ready for you.

Just from reading text on the screen I can tell @SRorh is not one to fuck with when it's time to workout though. These people must be retarded. lol
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RANIERI private msg quote post Address this user
THATS AWESOME hahahahaaha
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AarronStenner private msg quote post Address this user
I laughed a lot at that! Iv'e had a starer and a talker; the talker is an ex army wank stain who when doing some ab work asked me wtf am I doing so I said " an ab exercise of someone I no who is in hell of alot better shape than you " he walked away, ( ALPHA ) and the starer; oh the starer. Some skinny as punk who gives me evils all the time! So I want to do seated shoulder press and he is standing by the one I want to use; I ask him is he using it and he looked me up and down and said what. So I repeated louder with a few other words, he also walked of. This only happens when I'm working nights; moral of the story is don't give me attitude when I have just come of nights!
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tarotale private msg quote post Address this user
damn. i wouldn't have cussed at someone for stuff like that (unless some shitface talks bad about my parents, then fight is on), but man you must have been seriously pissed off at something haha. i wonder if there's regional differences cuz i usually don't experience dickheads who go around correcting people at the gym where i live.
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johon6 private msg quote post Address this user
Never had someone do it to me either,
I'm all business when i'm in there as i'm in there for a reason, not to socialise, but i don't think i could be rude to someone just for asking if it hurts my back

it they came over and started talking shit, like, you're doing it wrong etc then, yeah, it would be a case of listen ''jog on''
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G3NGHIS private msg quote post Address this user
The name of this thread is completely misleading.

In Entourage, when Ari lost his rage, he became a complete sissy pants. This is what happened, when he got it back.

The thread should be called, "Completely Unleashed the Furry(LOL)"
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