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bro talk/ gym talk/ and bad advice4711

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ok so im only still new to this thread and dont wanna step on anyones toes but i have seen alot of good advice on here but have also seen alot of young boys who have obviously only been doing it for under a year and have never studied the body or how it works unless it was in a bodybuilding mag and giving other young starters advice and BAD advice at that from a mate, someone at the gym or a mag. I give everybody a fair go and dont like butting in but the pore fellas are being led to hear your thoughts and what you would do
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Thor private msg quote post Address this user
Well, just politely explain why the advice is bad.

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AustralianOak private msg quote post Address this user
I might be one of them hahaha. But just criticize and add on a smiley face that will do the trick + ur a mad cunt so i dont think they would care!!! hahaha

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SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user
Just call them a beta bitch
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lift4life private msg quote post Address this user
i know what you mean when i first started 3 years ago i had people giving me advice left right and centre most of them where bad when i decided im not listening to anyones advice and hit the books and did some good quality research to gain the knowledge i know today i only give advice out if people need it, people are lazy first you must research articles read books and at the very end where all else fails ask someone at least then you have some preknowledge into whether the person your asking knows what his talking about and is giving you advice that will help you continue to become stronger and bigger..
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MrMailliw private msg quote post Address this user
You will learn quickly that some people on here get super butt hurt if you question their broscience ways.
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