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Are flat,incline and decline really needed?4680

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Hi sorry for the making a lot of "newbie" threads. But are they really needed? IS it even possible to work a portion of the chest without working the rest?
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lol this again
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GTFIH @eknight!
I can literally hear your head exploding.
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EK Dropping the science on your ass in t-minus 10...9...8...7...
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I'll save EK some time.

Originally Posted by eknight
@Feros when did I ever say that ROM had no effect? My remark about classes was not an ad hominem fallacy. You have no understanding of how the anatomy and physiology work. Have a read. Maybe you'll learn something:

When applying EMG activity to the chest, what do the results say? Rather than citing each of the several studies that say this, I'll direct you to the follwoing meta-analysis, which has done just that, and quote some of the particulars. Have a read of the entire thing if it interests you:

The first noteworthy piece here, states, "It has been perceived that by performing the bench press at the incline position the clavicular head is targeted while the horizontal position targets the sternocostal head. Barnett, C., et al. (1995) showed that the clavicular head showed no significant difference in EMG activity from the horizontal to the incline position but was least active during the decline bench press. "

Barnett, C., et al (1995), also found this to be true, noting "The incline press does not result in greater activation of the clavicular head of the pectoralis major than the horizontal bench press." (

Glass, S. C., & Armstrong, T. also found this to be true, concluding that, "there was no significant difference in activation of the upper pectoral portion during either the incline or decline bench press."

Look at Mario- no inclines or declines there. He uses a standard strong man routine, with single plane of motion movement:

Size is not "more developed" in certain areas by changing angle. Inclines are better for hitting more fibers of the ENTIRE chest, not the upper protion. -3X

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In summary yes, yes it is.
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Cannonball here

(yes, this is how I introduce myself these days)

it's possible, in theory, but wether you'd actually get anything from doing more of one of the exercises is uncertain. I did only flat bench for a long time and my chest is equally developed everywhere
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Cannonball: From that angle, your chest looks much more developed at the lower part
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Personally, I think all you really need to do are push-ups.

Follow that with the press - the overhead press.

For kicks you can do other exercises - bench, decline and incline.

But if you want to do what is simplest - stick with push-ups. If you want to add to that with some serious weight go to the press.

That's just my belief though. Very few things are actually needed.
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