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Gotta Take Time off :///4149

SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user

Uhhhhh this sucks!! I gotta take off (kinda) from July 4th- July 11. My Mom and parents own this Legit business that runs 3x out of the year and I can usually make it for 2 of the shows... Usually when I have a chance to take a week off I am so happy to not worry about training or nutrition and just be a fat ass for a week. This time not so much.. My body is fresh and wants WEIGHTS!!! HEAVY ASS WEIGHTS!!

My Plan of Attack:
Today I'll hit legs pretty hard
Tomorrow I'll Hit a full upper body workout
While I am up there I will be working the show.. I'll probably come home with about a thousand dollars in a week of work (half ass work ... I'll have to get up early and get off early.. I am going to let the women of the house take care of my food and I really don't care what I eat for the week honestly . However, I am going to limit my portion size.. I can easily put on some added fat from these meals.. So I am aiming for a solid meal each time and nothing more. There will be 2 days that I can go to the gym with my dad and train.. Those days will be 1 leg day and 1 upper body day... In the mean time My G.Pal has a HUGE pool that I am going to attempt to swim in for exercise in the evening LOL... Also work on a tann mann.
I absolutely can't wait for the week to be over. I am excited about making a good amount of cash in a week though.. When I come back from this trip I will most likely be on PHAT again, or I'll be doing MattOgus's new Leg, Push, Pull Routine... Not sure yet. Probably Matt's workout honestly. Shit looks sick! But I'll be hitting it hard AF when I get back.. Going to get to 6% bf again for sure!

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dwatson private msg quote post Address this user
Just pack some protein and jerky. I will be out of town the 13-19th and won't have gym access or be able to eat my own meals... It'll suck
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NorIda private msg quote post Address this user
Take the Week, as an opportunity to do a Deload imo!

Think of it as a positive thing, rather than dwell on getting back in the gym!

and have some fun!
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OhhLoLo private msg quote post Address this user
i will lift extra hard for you, srorhrbac ;]
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Dragonian private msg quote post Address this user
Youll be fine man it will probably do you good when you get back to the normal routine man! Just think with all the money you make you can spend it on food or supps or both!
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the1 private msg quote post Address this user
ill be taking a few weeks off too.. completely jaded my finger lol
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GStarRaw private msg quote post Address this user
im off for 2 weeks .. only gym accessible max weight goes up to 22kg dunbells ... lol will only be able to maintain chest, shoulders, abs, arms, but when i get back, legs and back are gonna be in a world of pain.
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skullay private msg quote post Address this user
Everyone is being hit hard by stuff like this. Crazy.

A week off here and there won't kill you. Plus you get two days to get in there and hit your upper/lower body.

Can you post a link to Ogus' routine? I still need something to switch to for 4 weeks after I finish my 12th week of PHAT.

oh... and like all the rappers say
"Money Over Benches!"

wait... that's not right...
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SRorhrbac0808 private msg quote post Address this user
OhhLo- HAHA THANKS MAN!!! I appreciate it!

Drag- Got that right man... I'll have enough money to finally get some solid weightlifting shoes I want... AND more weightlifting clothes.. and of course supps/foood

The 1- How you mess that finger up man? daaaaaamn :/

Skullay- yeah brotha if you look at his newer vids of "legs, push, pull" he has it on his vids.. If you can't find PM me and i'll send

------------------------- ON THE SIDE NOTE:
I am FOR SURE looking at this week off as a GREAT thing now. I am going to take this time to re-evaluate and reflect. I feel (looking back) at my workout career I have sorta "aimlessly" went through workouts. With no set goal and just kinda winging everything. Don't get me wrong, I work out hard as FUCK with crazy intensity and crush some motha-fuckin weight! But usually ill stick to a program for a few weeks, do another, cut, bulk, maintain, DON'T KNOW WTF I AM DOING basically.... So during this week out I am picking a program, sticking to it for a set time, and picking a nutrition goal and sticking to this shit and not pussin around! I know what I gotta do and I just gotta make this shit happen. No more bull shit. Consistency is the key here.

---------------- ON ANOTHER SIDE NOTE:
One of my buddies who I have known for YEARS told me today I look better when I am bulking.... Now see this guy is an ecto, but i'll tell you what. He gains muscle like a mother fucker. Dude is less then 6% b.f with the SHITTIEST diet I have ever seen (not really THAT bad but still), he is over 200lbs at 5'11 and this dude is solid as fuck... See he does random ass workouts. Hits it hard but just kinda comes in and does what ever he feels like. Dosen't really have a good understanding about cutting/bulking because he has never had to cut. so idk if I can really take his comment to heart. BUT it does put things into perspective about a bulk/cut. Plus I remember when I was bulking I got comments like no other, feltgreat.

So this week will be reflection and giving the body/mind a rest. Going to come back with a goal and a ready to fuck shit up mind set..... BEST BELIEVE THAT
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